Ken Paxton
Senior Texans

"Roof Repairmen" Attempt to Rob Elderly Houston Woman

HOME REPAIR SCAMS have been reported in recent weeks involving driveway paving offers and roof repairs. Houston police say two men there tried to con an elderly woman out of several thousand dollars for unnecessary repairs to the roof of her home. The men claimed to have worked on the roof several years before. They now said it had been damaged by recent bad weather and needed repairs, which they had already begun to make. The woman finally wrote a check for a portion of the money to get the men to leave her home. She then called the police, while her daughter arranged to stop payment on the check. One of the men was arrested at the bank when he tried to cash the check. This information was reported in the Houston Chronicle.

If you have been victimized by a roof repair scam, or know someone who has, please file a report with your local police department or district attorney's office. Be aware that you cannot be coerced into paying for work that was started without your permission.


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