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Identity thieves claiming to be a governmental or debt collection agency; seek immediate payments for overdue bills – particularly child support

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Utility bill payment scam
National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Celebrates Progress, Works toward Future Goals
Identity thieves claiming to be a governmental or debt collection agency; seek immediate payments for overdue bills – particularly child support
New Variant on Advance Fee Fraud
Advance Fee Fraud Targets Haitian Americans Trying To Bring Relatives To U.S.
American Community Survey is Legitimate
Attorney General Abbott Advises Attention To Identity Theft
Attorney General Abbott Warns Job Seekers To Use Care
Attorney General Abbott Warns of Fake IRS Check Scam
Attorney General Abbott Warns Of Financial Fraudsters
Attorney General "Endorsement" Is Usually Bogus
Scam Artist Impersonates Attorney General Employee
New FTC Rule will Let Telephone Customers Avoid Prerecorded Telemarketing Calls
Identity Thieves Impersonate Texas Banks
"Comerica Identity Check" is a Scam
Beware of Calls Offering “Free” English Courses Paid by Federal Government
Beware of Charitable Scams During Haiti Relief Effort
Beware of Charitable Scams During Japan Relief Effort
Beware of Spam E-mails Claiming to Originate from the Office of the Attorney General
Beware of Text Message Spam: "Smishing"
Beware Of Unsolicited Calls Claiming To Be From Orange Savings Bank
Beware Of Unsolicited Calls, E-Mails Claiming To Be From American National Bank In Mount Pleasant
Counterfeit Cashier's Checks
Beware of Cashier's Check Scam
Give Wisely in this Season of Good Will
It is the Season of Good Will, Give Wisely
Give Wisely to Organizations Claiming to Benefit Public Safety Officers
War Scams
Tsunami Relief Effort: Give Wisely
Attorney General Abbott Warns Consumers to Avoid Cashing Bogus Checks
Fake Check Scam Hits Charities
Identity Theft Alert
Scam E-mail: Your credit card has been charged...
Spoof Credit Union E-Mails Could Ruin Consumers’ Holidays
Beware Faxers Who Charge to Remove You From Database
Disaster Declaration Extended; Report Price Gouging To Complaint Hotline
Take Simple Steps To Avoid Disaster-Related Scams
Scam E-mails
Emails with Malicious Web Link Claim to Originate from Better Business Bureau System
Phony Job Offer Targeting Unemployed Flight Attendants Requires Applicants to Front Money for Travel
EMT Alert Card is a Scam
Evacuees Should Know Their Rights When Staying At Hotels
Mortgage Foreclosure "Rescue" Could Cost You Your Home
Foreclosure Rescue Scams Growing Threat To Consumers
Fraudulent Phone Call Targets State Employee Following Internet Security Breach
Attorney General Abbott Urges Texans To Get All The Facts Before Entering Into Credit Counseling, Debt Servicing Agreements
"Gas Coupons" an Excuse to Get Bank Account Numbers
Be a Smart Shopper When Buying Gift Cards
Give Wisely After Hurricane Ike
Beware of Bogus " Government Grants "
"Government Grant" is a Scam
“Government Grants” Scams Alive and Well
"Texas Health Department" Shopping Spree is a Scam
Bogus E-Mail Claims to Come from Homeland Security, FDIC
Beware of Hurricane Relief Scams
"Loss Consultants" Usually Unnecessary
Job-Search Site Identity Theft Scams
Jury Duty Scam Just Another Identity Theft Trick
Debt collector threatens license suspension
Don't Pay Up Front to Borrow Holiday Cash
Consumers Scammed by Easy-Credit Loan Officers
Beware of Bogus "Easy Credit" Loans
Beware of So-Called "Large Fund" Loan Officers
Lost Pet Scam
Make Smart Decisions When Giving Gift Cards
Beware of Mortgage Payoff Scammers
Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud
Beware of Letters from Nigeria
Office Supply Scams
9-1-1: What You Need to Know About Online Emergency Service
Check the Source of Online Health Information
Parents Should Keep Children Away From new Video Chat Web Site
“Vishing” is a New Addition To Identity Thieves’ Arsenal
Phoner Toner Scams
Beware of Phony Debts
Be Alert When Dealing with Pop-up Ads Online
Do Not Fall For Bogus Property Tax Lien Notice
Raffles in Texas: Know the Law
Phony Real Estate Agents Steal Buyers’ Cash
Beware of "recovery" scam
Landlords, Roommates Can Fall Prey to Counterfeit Checks
Report Price Gouging To Attorney General
Report Price Gouging To Attorney General's Consumer Complaint Hotline
Phony contractor offers to "seal" roof
Scammers Taking Advantage of New Federal Economic Stimulus Package
Don't Fall for Scholarship Scam
Smishing Scam Targets Houston-area Credit Union Accounts
Costly International Calls May Be Spyware Scam
Sony Music CD
Business Masquerades as State Agency
Caller Leaves "Stock Tip" After Dialing "Wrong Number"
Scam Artists Posing as Federal Trade Commission Officials Targeting Texans in Sweepstakes Scam
Tax Scam Targets Minority Business Owners
Taxpayers Should Beware of Phony IRS Email
Texans Should Be Alert To Clean-Up, Repair Services Scams in Wake of Hurricane Ike
Texans Should Be Alert To Home Repair Scams Following Hurricane Ike
Texans Should Know Their Rights to Disaster Assistance in Wake of Hurricane IKE
Texas Attorney General Provides Tips to Avoid Becoming A Tax Scam Victim
New Identity Theft Scam Targets Texas Debit Card Users
Texans Urged to Check for Potentially Dangerous Tires
Texans Urged to Check for Potentially Dangerous Tires Distributed by Foreign Tire Sales, Inc.
Don't Fall for the Hot Five
Toys Recalled Due to Lead Poisoning Hazard
Expanded Toy Recall
Mattel, Inc. recalls more than 9 million toys due to lead poisoning hazard, choking risk

Hispanics Are Targets of Suspicious Vacation Sweepstakes
Do Not Respond to Requests to "Verify" Personal Financial Information
VIOXX Consumer Refund Program
Beware of Phony "Wal-Mart Shopping Spree"
Watch For Online Charity Scams After Hurricane Ike
‘Cash for Clunkers’ Scams

ABOUT CONSUMER ALERTS - The Office of the Attorney General accepts consumer complaints about businesses. When a pattern of complaints warrants intervention, the Attorney General can file a civil lawsuit under consumer protection statutes, sometimes with the result that a company is required to pay restitution to consumers -- see our Major Lawsuits page. However, when a consumer is swindled by a con artist, filing a complaint cannot help. Civil litigation can sometimes put a very unscrupulous business out of action, but often cannot produce restitution.

Individual con artists generally fall under the jurisdiction of a criminal prosecutor -- in Texas, this is the district or county attorney. But even when they are charged and convicted, these individuals usually have spent the money as fast as they have stolen it. A person who is the victim of fraud should report the incident to the police or sheriff. But by far the best thing is for consumers to be aware of fraud, so they are not swindled in the first place. For this reason, the Office of the Attorney General posts these Consumer Alerts about possible scams and schemes that come to our attention through citizen contacts to our office or other sources.