North Texas Regional Gang Conference

October 14-16, 2013

The North Texas Regional Gang Investigators Course will be held in Irving, Texas, on October 14-16, 2013.  It will provide training regarding organized crime investigations and juvenile law topics.  This course will also offer current and comprehensive information on street and prison gangs specific to this region.  Attendance will be limited to criminal and juvenile justice agency personnel.

This course will feature three days of general sessions. Due to the sensitive nature of the gang intelligence being presented, only law enforcement; correction; probation; parole; school law enforcement; crime analysts; and prosecution officials are allowed to attend.  Proper credentials (badge or department identification) will be required at the conference registration desk.

Topics will include:

Aryan Brotherhood of Texas

Dallas/Fort Worth Local Gang Overview

Folk and People National Influences in Texas

Gang Documentation and Proper Courtroom Testimony

Interview and Interrogation Techniques

Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations Influences in the DFW Area

Security Threat Group Update

Social Media and Gangs

Gangs in Schools

Federal Bureau of Prisons Update

Expert Gang Testimony

Authentication of Electronically Stored Evidence

Continuing Education

  • 21.00 Hours has been approved by the TCLEOSE.