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Frequently Asked Questions
About p.a.p.a. for Educators

  1. What is p.a.p.a.?
  2. Is p.a.p.a. required?
  3. What does p.a.p.a. teach?
  4. What's in p.a.p.a.?
  5. What do teachers say about p.a.p.a.?
  6. How do teachers receive training on p.a.p.a.?
  7. What does the training consist of?
  8. Can teachers other than those in health classes receive training and use the curriculum?
  9. Can p.a.p.a. be taught to middle-schoolers?
  10. May a school district send a representative to be trained who can then train other teachers within the district?
  11. May the p.a.p.a. curriculum be purchased?
  12. If teachers have taken training on the earlier version of p.a.p.a., prior to September 2007, do they need to repeat training?
  13. What if a teacher has taken the current p.a.p.a. training but still needs more information on p.a.p.a. legal issues ?
  14. In regard to HB 2176, are there other parenting and paternity awareness curricula that school districts may use instead of p.a.p.a. that meet the state mandate?
  15. Our high school already has a family violence prevention skills program for students as part of our district-wide family violence prevention program. Do we have to duplicate that with Session 13 of p.a.p.a.?
  16. Can school nurses get continuing nurse education credits for p.a.p.a. training?

Revised: August 02 2013