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Frequently Asked Questions
About p.a.p.a. for Parents

  • What is p.a.p.a.?
  • I've never heard of p.a.p.a. where did it come from?
  • Is p.a.p.a. required?
  • What does p.a.p.a. teach?
  • How does p.a.p.a. teach these things?
  • Why do my children need a course in parenting at school?
  • Does p.a.p.a. teach a particular style of parenting?
  • How can I continue the discussion with my child about these issues?
  • What's actually in p.a.p.a. ?
  • What do teachers say about p.a.p.a.?
  • What if I still have questions about p.a.p.a.?

Revised: March 01 2012