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p.a.p.a. Quiz

What do you know about the law and parenting?

1) How many high school seniors in Texas will eventually be parents at some point in their lives?
    A) 3 out of 10
    B) 5 out of 10
    C) 6 out of 10
    D) 8 out of 10
2) Both parents of a child are required by law to support their child until the age of 18.
3) How much will an average American household (two parents) spend raising a child born in 2011, from birth until the age 17?
    A) $67,890
    B) $127, 310
    C) $234,900
    D) $348,930
4) What percentage of births in Texas are to couples who are not married (2011)?
    A) 5%
    B) 13%
    C) 28%
    D) 42%
5) What is the total annual cost to taxpayers for teen childbearing in Texas?
    A) $454 million
    B) $421 million
    C) $552 million
    D) $Over 1 billion
6) When an unmarried father has a child, he automatically has which of the following legal rights and responsibilities?
    A) Access and visitation
    B) Financial support
    C) Access to medical records
    D) None
7) For an unmarried father to have rights as a parent he has to�
    A) Put his name on the birth certificate
    B) Sign a voluntary legal document called the Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP)
    C) Go to court
    D) A only
    E) B or C
8) The unmarried father's name will not go on the birth certificate until paternity is established.
9) Infant mortality rates are how much higher for children without a father's name on their birth certificate than those with dad's name?
    A) No difference
    B) 1.6 times
    C) 2 times
    D) 2.3 times
10) How much would a noncustodial parent working full-time earning $7.25 per hour be required to pay in child support for one child?
    A) $167.00 per month
    B) $200.00 per month
    C) $222.00 per month


Revised: August 02 2013