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Color the Texas Holidays

San Jacinto Day - April 21

The Revolution in Texas was fought by a small band of pioneers and soldiers who called themselves “Texians.” They were being pursued by a much larger army led by Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, President and Dictator of Mexico. The revolution went badly for the Texians at first. The Battle of the Alamo was a disaster.

On March 11, Sam Houston arrived at Gonzales, Texas, to take command of the Texas Army. On the afternoon of April 21, while the Mexican troops were enjoying their siesta on the plains of San Jacinto, General Houston and his soldiers staged a pretend marching drill that turned into a surprise attack. The unsuspecting Mexicans were routed in less than twenty minutes.

The Mexican army of Santa Anna was far from home, and the army of the Republic of Texas was fired up by a now-famous battle-cry: “Remember the Alamo!” The Battle of San Jacinto changed the map of North America. It established the independent Lone Star Republic on April 21, 1836. For ten years, from 1836 to 1846, Texas existed as a separate nation.

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San Jacinto Day

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