Attorney General Ken Paxton today announced that he would seek full review in the Texas Supreme Court of Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins’ unlawful plan to send every voter in Harris County an application to vote by mail. The Supreme Court temporarily blocked Hollins’s plan earlier this week, ordering Hollins not to send any unsolicited applications to vote by mail until the Supreme Court’s review is complete. Hollins may not, under the Supreme Court’s order, send any application to vote by mail until the Supreme Court authorizes him to do so following full review. 

“Sending millions of mail-in ballot applications, most of which will go to voters who are not eligible for one, will do nothing but create voter confusion and jeopardize the integrity and security of Texas elections,” said Attorney General Paxton. “Election officials have a duty to reject mail-in ballot applications from voters who are not eligible to vote by mail. The Harris County Clerk knowingly decided to violate Texas election law and eschewed his duty to protect the integrity of our democratic process. I commend the Texas Supreme Court’s decision earlier this week putting that unlawful plan on hold, and I look forward to demonstrating to the Court how Hollins’ plan violates Texas law.” 

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