Tuesday, November 22, 2005

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Statement From Attorney General Greg Abbott About Texas Supreme Court’s Ruling In The School Finance Case

“This is an important decision for millions of Texas schoolchildren and the future of Texas. The Texas Supreme Court’s decision validates the quality of the foundation of our education system. The evidence showed – and the Supreme Court recognized – that high standards set by the Texas Legislature were being achieved at school districts around the state."

“The Court recognized – as all Texans recognize – that we can and should do a better job of educating students in Texas. But, just because we can do a better job does not mean that the job being done now is unconstitutional."

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“The Texas Supreme Court unanimously held that the Texas public education system is entirely consistent with the education provisions of the Texas Constitution. Specifically, the Texas Supreme Court unanimously reversed the district court and concluded that the Texas system satisfies the adequacy, efficiency, and suitability provisions of the Constitution."

“This is a victory for democracy because it ensures that decisions about education policymaking will remain in the elected Legislature rather than the courts."

“However, the Court did find that our current “Robin Hood” tax system violates the tax provision of Article VIII. The Court gave the Legislature until June 1 of next year to correct the system."

“I trust that the Legislature will take this opportunity to act decisively and to design a new tax system that is fair and even-handed for all taxpayers, while maintaining and building upon an excellent education system that demands results for every schoolchild in Texas.”