Thursday, May 8, 2003

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Attorney General Abbott Announces San Antonio Child Support Evader

AUSTIN - Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott was in San Antonio today seeking the public's assistance to locate a local father who appears on his new top ten list of Texas' Most Wanted Child Support Evaders, that was unveiled Tuesday, May 6 in El Paso. Edward Carreon owes $18,690 for the care of two daughters. General Abbott met with the children's mother, who described the difficulties of raising her children without their father's assistance.

The Child Support Evaders on the newly announced list owe a combined total of $497,000 in overdue child support. These willfully negligent parents have gone underground to elude officials and avoid arrest on their child support case.

"I need the public's help to locate Edward Carreon, who is hiding from the law to avoid his child support obligation. Please call my office with tips that could lead to this Evader's arrest," said Attorney General Abbott.

The Attorney General provides a toll free number, 1-866-EVADERS (382-3377), for reporting information on the whereabouts of missing Evaders.

The Attorney General's Office works with local law enforcement to arrest and incarcerate non-custodial parents who are delinquent in their child support payments. All of the parents on the top ten list are wanted on civil or criminal warrants. They face jail time and monetary penalties for failing to pay child support.

The Child Support Evaders on the top ten list are being singled out because they have the ability to take responsibility for their children but refuse to do so. Incarceration is the only option for parents who flagrantly ignore a court's order to pay child support. The Attorney General's Office helps non-custodial parents who lack the ability to pay child support by referring them to job training and employment services.

For a parent to be named a Most Wanted Child Support Evader, court-ordered delinquent support must be in excess of $5,000 and an arrest warrant issued. The location of the non-custodial parent is unknown, and the parent has not made any payments in the last six months. The non-custodial parent must not be involved in bankruptcy proceedings or receiving welfare benefits. To make information public, the custodial parent must sign a confidentiality waiver.

Attorney General Abbott will travel to Dallas on Thursday, May 15, to meet with another parent to whom a newly named evader owes child support.

Evaders as of May 6, 2003, last known address and estimated arrears are:

Alun Tolson owes $137,477 for two children in Andrews, Texas.

Last known address: Whites City, New Mexico

Gabriel Botello owes $90,475 for two children in Houston, Texas.

Last known address: Hobbs, New Mexico

Gerald Rhett Butler owes $85,943 for one child in Brownsville, Texas.

Last known address: El Paso, TX (ARRESTED MAY 7, 2003 IN EL PASO)

William Christopher Marlowe owes $47,518 for one child in Duncanville, Texas.

Last known address: Phoenix, Arizona

Guillermo Castillo owes $36,666 for three children in Douglass, Texas.

Last known address: Nacogdoches, Texas

Lorenzo Romo owes $26,008 for three children in El Paso, Texas.

Last known address: El Paso, Texas

Jason Gawriluk owes $24,820 for two children in McAllen, Texas.

Last known address: Port Mansfield, Texas

Louie C. Almanza owes $22,056 for one child in El Paso, Texas.

Last known address: El Paso, Texas

Edward M. Carreon owes $18,690 for two children in San Antonio, Texas.

Last known address: San Antonio, Texas

Patricia L. Serna owes $7,209 for two children in Hebbronville, Texas.

Last known address: Corpus Christi, Texas

People with information about the Evaders should contact the Attorney General by calling the hotline 1-866-EVADERS (382-3377), e-mailing or by writing Texas Child Support Evaders, Office of the Attorney General, Child Support Division, P.O. Box 12017, Austin, Texas 78711-2017.

Photos of the Evaders are available on the Attorney General's web site: You may also download two column (3 1/4" X 4.5") print ads of individual Evaders for newspaper publication.