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January 2013

1/29/2013:Attorney General Greg Abbott Says Today’s State of the State Address is a Call to Action
1/25/2013:Attorney General Abbott Responds to Court Ruling Invalidating Obama Administration NLRB Appointments
1/25/2013:Texas Attorney General Convenes Choose Life Advisory Committee
1/25/2013:Texas Now 3-0 in Fight against EPA’s Unlawful Cross-State Air Pollution Rule
1/24/2013:Texas' Top Ten Most Wanted Sex Offender Arrested in San Antonio
1/22/2013:Attorney General Abbott Responds to College Campus Shooting in Houston
1/17/2013:Harris County Registered Sex Offender Arrested for Child Pornography Possession
1/15/2013:More School Districts Comply with Texas School Safety Standards
1/15/2013:Attorney General Abbott Responds to Travis County Commissioners Voting to Allow Gun Shows on County Property
1/10/2013:Syam Tax Services Charged with Tax Fraud and Identity Theft for Scheme Targeting Senior Citizens in East Texas
1/4/2013:Attorney General Abbott Recovers $36.34 Million for State of Texas, U.S.
1/2/2013:Attorney General Abbott: Congress Passed our Problems Along to Future Generations

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