Monday, August 6, 2012

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“Texas Teen Page” Receives Conference of Western Attorneys General’s “Best Youth Services Award”

AUSTIN – Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott made the following statement after the Conference of Western Attorneys General (CWAG) presented its 2012 “Best Youth Services Award” to the Office of the Attorney General’s “Texas Teen Page”:

“The Texas Attorney General’s Office does a lot of good cracking down on criminals who violate the law – but enforcement is only half the mission. Some of our most important work focuses on raising awareness, so that Texans know how to steer clear from harm’s way long before anyone becomes a victim. Considering our focus on education and prevention, we’re thrilled that the Conference of Western Attorneys General recognized the Texas Teen Page with the 2012 Best Youth Services Award. The Texas Teen Page is a helpful and important resource that helps young Texans learn how to make good choices and avoid dangerous situations.”

The Texas Attorney General’s Office developed and launched the Texas Teen Page in 2008 as a one-stop site for young Texans to learn about a variety of topics. CWAG recognized the site’s “remarkable youth section” for its focus on creating teen leaders who know how to make safe, healthy choices.

“There are sections devoted to helping teens get their first job, how to develop healthy relationships, and tips on preparing for college,” CWAG wrote in its announcement of the award. “This site also has many sections on more difficult subjects, such as being a teen parent, teen drug and alcohol use, and neighborhood gangs.”

“Thank you for creating a Web section that is dedicated to facing so many of our teens’ challenges,” CWAG concluded in presenting the Texas Attorney General’s Office with its 2012 “Best Youth Services Award.”

The Texas Teen Page is managed by a graphics, Web and content expert team at the Texas Attorney General’s Office, including:
• Art Manager Xochitl Colarusso
• Webmaster David Vance
• Child Support Division (CSD) Communications Manager Janece Rolfe
• Michael Hayes, CSD’s deputy director of the Family Initiatives Division
• Gilbert Chavez, manager of forming families and youth education in the Family Initiatives Division

The Texas Teen Page can be accessed by clicking on the “TXT” icon on the Office of the Attorney General’s main website at