Ken Paxton

Amendments to the Public Information Act:
2013 Texas Legislative Session

The 2013 Texas Legislative Session resulted in a number of amendments to the Public Information Act (the "Act"), chapter 552 of the Government Code. To help familiarize governmental bodies and members of the public with these changes, we are providing the following list of the amended provisions of the Act, with links to the relevant bills in the Texas Legislature Online. Please note in particular that some of these amendments are only applicable to requests received by a governmental body on or after September 1, 2013. For recent amendments to other relevant laws, please check the Texas Legislature Online.

Regular Session

Amended section of the Act Relevant Bill Date Effective Summary
Gov't Code
§ 552.130(c)
SB 458
§ 1
May 18, 2013 - changes in law apply only to requests received after the effective date Allowing governmental body to redact information subject to section 552.130(a)(2).
Gov't Code
§  552.1175(a)(10), (b)
HB 1632
§§ 2, 3
June 14, 2013 Amends title of section 552.1175; adds federal and state judges to the list of individuals who may elect under section 552.1175, adds dates of birth to list of personal information excepted under section 552.1175.
Gov't Code
§ 552.138(a), (b), (c)
HB 2725
§§ 1, 2, 3
June 14, 2013 Amends title of section 552.138; amends section by making confidential certain records maintained by a victims of trafficking shelter center.
Gov't Code
§ 552.153(b), (d)
SB 211
§ 4
June 14, 2013 Amending section 552.153(b) to change “contracting person” to “proposer;” added subsection (d) to define “proposer.”
Crim. Code Proc.
art. 49.25, § 11
SB 457
§ 1
September 1, 2013 In certain circumstances, a governmental body may withhold photograph/x-ray of body taken during autopsy without requesting decision.
Gov't Code
§ 552.113; Nat. Res. Code
§§ 91.553, .554, .556
HB 878
§§ 1, 2, 3, 4
September 1, 2013 Amends provisions of Natural Resource Code relating to filings of electric logs by operators of oil-related or gas-related wells; amends section 552.113 to delete “basic electric” and replace with “electric.”
Gov't Code
§§ 552.117(a)(8), (9), (10), .1175(a)(10), (11), (12)
HB 2733
§§ 2, 3, 4
September 1, 2013 Although adds officers/employees of Texas Juvenile Justice Department to list under section 552.117, does not contain specific language stating they do not have to elect; amends title of section 552.1175; adds employees and officers of TJJD to list of individuals who may elect under section 552.1175.
Gov't Code
§§ 552.024(a), (a-1), .147(a), (a-1)
HB 2961
§§ 1, 2
September 1, 2013 Amending 552.024 to provide school district employees are not required to elect to withhold social security numbers; amends section 552.147 to make the social security number of a school district employee confidential in the hands of the district.
Gov't Code
§ 552.3221
SB 983
§ 1
September 1, 2013 Adds section relating to in camera review and filing of the information at issue in a suit filed under the PIA.
Gov't Code
§§  552.002(a), .003, 2252.907
SB 1368
§§ 1, 2, 3
September 1, 2013 Amends and clarifies definitions of “public information” and “official business;” provides that contracts by state governmental entities that involve the exchange or creation of public information contain provisions requiring vendors to make certain information accessible to public.
Gov't Code
§ 552.1085
SB 1512
§ 1
September 1, 2013 Adds exception relating to the confidentiality of certain crime scene photographs and video recordings.
Gov't Code
§ 552.154
SB 1093
§ 22
September 1, 2013 Redesignating section 552.153 relating to certain positions of the Teacher Retirement System to section 552.154.
Gov't Code
§ 552.274
SB 1093
§ 9.014
September 1, 2013 Amending the heading of section 552.274 to "REPORT BY ATTORNEY GENERAL ON COST OF COPIES".