Open Records Letter Rulings (ORLs)

Open Records Letter Rulings comprise the bulk of the Open Records Division's workload. Approximately 17,000 Open Records Letter Rulings were issued in 2007. These informal letter rulings are based on established law and practice and are signed by assistant attorneys general in the Open Records Division.

Unlike Open Records Decisions, these informal letter rulings are applicable only to the specific documents and circumstances surrounding them; therefore, Open Records Letter Rulings should not be cited as precedent when briefing to the Office of the Attorney General.

Open Record Letter Rulings
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Greg Abbott
ORL-6815 to Current ORL-6815 to Current
John Cornyn
ORL-1 to ORL-6814 ORL-1 to ORL-6814
Dan Morales
HTML not available OR1991-0001 to

(Currently incomplete)
Jim Mattox
HTML not available OR1990-0301 to

(Currently incomplete)
Revised: May 07 2010