Information on Letter Opinions

In most cases, an opinion that is designated by the initials of the attorney general addresses issues that are or may be of interest to persons throughout the state. A letter opinion generally addresses issues that are local in nature or that affect the interests of a particular person or group. The "LO" designation, however, does not mean that a document is any less authoritative than one denominated by reference to the particular attorney general's initials. On January 4, 1999, Attorney General John Cornyn discontinued the practice of issuing letter opinions. All attorney general opinions are now issued under the Attorney General's initials, i.e., Attorney General Greg Abbott's opinions would be named GA-0001, GA-0002, etc.

For Open Letter Rulings or Open Record Decisions, please go to: Open Government.

Attorney General Letter Opinion
or Advisory
Greg Abbott
John Cornyn
Dan Morales
LO92-001 to LO98-127
Jim Mattox
LO88-001 to LO90-110
Mark White
John L. Hill
LA-1 to LA-157
Crawford Martin
Waggoner Carr
Will Wilson
John Ben Shepperd
MS-1 to MS-223
Price Daniel
Grover Sellers
Gerald Mann

For copies of opinions, letter opinions and ORD's that are not online, please contact the Opinions Library at (512) 936-1730 or Open Records Division at (512) 936-6736.

  • All opinions issued since January 4, 1939 are online.
  • All letter opinions issued since January 21, 1953 are online.
  • All open records decisions (ORDs) issued since July 20, 1973 are online.

Check back with us often, as we continue to add to these online records.

Revised: June 08 2012