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A school district has no right to install fiber-optic cable in a county road right-of-wayGA-0793
Basic telecommunications device, for purposes of voucher program established by statute the Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing has authority to determine what constitutesLO98-043
Bingo, gambling, or lottery games, retailers in Texas may not display automatic telephones via which persons may purchase chances in out-of-stateLO90-088
Cable television company charging pay-per-view fee to subscribers to live boxing simulcast need not be licensed as boxing promoter; pay-per-view fees are not subject to three-percent gross receipts taxDM-0110
Car telephones, school districts' authority to adopt rules regarding students' useJM-1225
Excavate cable, excavator must notify notification center only once of plan to excavateJC-0234
Exception to section 552.275 of Government Code, "radio station" exception applies to a person who holds an amateur radio station license issued by the Federal Communications CommissionGA-0669
Fee, primary jurisdiction to determine whether 9-1-1 emergency service fee imposed on wireless telecommunications connections by section 771.0711(a) of the Health and Safety CodeGA-0401
Fiber optic cable, authority of city to install and operate with private companyDM-0391
Fiber-optics cable installed to operate regional water district's pipeline, water district may lease to private telecommunications company excess capacity inJC-0179
Install telecommunications equipment in the right-of-way of a public road, no right to absent statutory authorityGA-0793
Live video transmission, Open Meetings Act prohibits governmental body from permitting member to attend a meeting of the body viaDM-0207
Promotional second-chance drawings for losing tickets, pursuant to broad authority under State Lottery Act and absent prohibition otherwise, it is likely that Texas Lottery Commission has authority to utilize Internet forGA-0950
State agencies' acquisition of telecommunications services using catalogue purchase procedureDM-0375
Telephone call accounting system used by state agency, fact question whether it is a "pen register"LO93-103
Telephone services to county jail inmates, the commissioners court, not the sheriff, is empowered to enter into contract with private vendor to provideLO97-030
Ultimate consumers, interexchange carriers are not "ultimate consumers" under the Public Utility Regulatory Act if local access charges are passed through to their subscribersJM-1280
Videoconference call, authority of governing board of institution of higher education to hold public meetings by (Affirmed by Tex. Att'y Gen. Op. No. JC-0194 (2000))DM-0478
Videoconference call, governmental body must recess or adjourn meeting via if technical difficulties prevent members of public at any remote location from seeing or hearing open portions of meetingDM-0480