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A court would likely determine that the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County intended the expenditure of a portion of the bond proceeds on the Uptown/West Loop 4.4 mile rail segment to be a part of its contract with the voters.KP-046
Airline Deregulation Act of 1978, preemption of regulation of air ambulance subscription program for air ambulances providing interstate transportationGA-0684
Article 6288 of the Revised Civil Statutes governs the residency requirements for directors of the Texas Mexican Railway CompanyGA-0185
Barges delivering petroleum products, impact fee imposed upon interstate and foreign operators of but not upon intrastate operators of same is unconstitutionalJM-1258
Commencement of environmental review process for purposes of Transportation Code subsection 372.002(d)KP-194
Common carriers, applicability of exception from limitations on entities with eminent domain powers in section 2206.001 of the Government Code GA-0517
Consideration of Texas Constitution article III, section 49-k regarding the Texas Mobility FundKP-017
Designated engineering representative appointed by Federal Aviation Administration need not be licensed as a Texas professional engineer unless engaged in practice of engineering in Texas outside scope of federal designationGA-0955
Determination of legality of the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County's authority to participate in the Uptown Houston Transit Project involves fact questions and is inappropriate to an attorney general opinionKP-046
Diesel turbine engine, motor vehicle with, must be equipped with a mufflerGA-0873
Insurers, Texas Automobile Theft Prevention Authority may not assess fee on other than those writing "motor vehicle insurance" policiesGA-0179
Legislative enactments which provide incoming revenue for the State Highway fund constitute "enacted revenue measures" under article IX, section 17.10(b)(1) of the Appropriations Act, regardless of when they were enactedGA-0852
Municipality is not required to receive a petition signed by twenty percent of its qualified voters before calling an election to withdraw from a regional transportation authorityGA-0763
Operation of golf cart in master planned community, public or private beach, or public highwayGA-0966
Programs, Automobile Theft Prevention Authority may not fund those programs that relate to theft of self-propelled farm or construction equipment, or boats and aircraft; it may establish a program to prevent self-propelled farm and construction equipment GA-0179
Railroads, section 471.007 of the Transportation Code, which imposes a criminal penalty against a railway company if its train blocks a railroad crossing for more than ten minutes, is preempted by the federal Interstate Commerce Commission Termination ActGA-0331
Ready-mixed concrete trucks, applicability of the weight limits set pursuant to chapters 621 and 622 of Transportation CodeJC-0343
Regional Mobility Authority, appointment process for members of the board of the Hidalgo County Regional Mobility AuthorityGA-0885
Remove fencing from county road right-of-way, authority of county commissioners court toGA-0703
School districts, passenger cars and motor buses as transportation to and from school and extracurricular activities, standards forDM-0378
Transportation Code section 681.0101 - A court would likely conclude that section 681.0101 does not authorize a political subdivision to appoint a private business to enforce the privileged parking provisions of chapter 681 because a private business is not a "person" under section 681.0101KP-033
Transportation Commission use of constitutionally dedicated state highway funds on non-tolled portions of toll projectsKP-197
County airport land, procedures applicable to lease for airport purposesGA-0190
Love Field, whether Dallas City Council member with substantial interest in airlines may participate in certain decisions aboutLO98-052
Parking fee exemption for disabled persons at municipal airportsDM-0451
Security personnel, proper title forLO90-081
Public Transit
Boundaries of transit authority, city must participate in transportation authority to be included withinLO97-022
Certain operations within city limits, whether home rule city may enforce an ordinance which requires fees and permits from a metropolitan transit authority forLO92-030
Common-carrier obligation and rail line beyond mass-transit authority's service area, authority may acquire if necessary, convenient, or useful to accomplishment of authority's statutory purposeJC-0076
Concealed handguns, power of rapid transit authority to prohibit licensed carrying of on its vehiclesDM-0364
Contract with voters; representations and statements preceding election for creation of Advanced Transportation District as limiting municipality, county, district use of sales and use tax for streetcar projectGA-0968
Criminal trespass requires real property, may not be committed on a busLO96-059
Existing contracts or agreements governing funding pertaining to the station, any right in the RTC to seek repayment from the City of federal funds expended in relation to the transit station would be determined underGA-0836
Federal Transit Administration, constitutionality of metropolitan transit authority's agreement to provide buses for Olympic Games at request ofLO96-008
Funds may not be transferred by transit authority to municipality for purposes not statutorily authorizedLO92-071
Handguns, authority to prohibit on busesLO96-059
Interlocal contract, municipality may extend transit system into another municipality pursuant toLO92-082
Medicaid recipients, authority of transit authority to charge Department of Human Services price for bulk prepurchased tickets in excess of price charged to general publicJM-1207
Member of subregional board of transportation authority must be qualified voter residing within authorityLO97-022
Metropolitan planning organization, structure of must be determined by governor and general-purpose governing bodies; may not on its own provide for alternate membersLO90-091
Monorail technology, procurement of transit system employing subject to competitive bidding, however, transit authority board may grant waiver in favor of competitive negotiation if statutorily specific conditions are foundDM-0043
Municipality is "included within boundaries" of regional transportation authority only if it actually participates in the authorityLO90-065
Peace officers of Harris County Metropolitan Authority, jurisdiction includes entire geographical area within which Authority operatesJM-1238
Person who does not reside within transit authority, commissioners court may not appoint to executive committeeLO97-022
Regional transit authority may not donate public funds to emergency medical services organization, but may contract for provision of such servicesLO96-076
Regional transportation authority, a metropolitan planning organizationís policy body does not have authority, under chapter 452, Transportation Code, to close a transit station in city withdrawing fromGA-0836
Regional Transportation Authorityís levy of sales and use tax at different rates in different subregions does not violate constitutional equal and uniform requirement if the tax falls equally on people and property within each subregion and the different tax treatment by subregion is reasonableGA-0653
Transit authority's agreement to provide buses for Olympic Games at request of Federal Transit Administration, constitutionalityLO96-008