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Charitable pooled income fund trust agreement allocating mutual fund short term capital gains to income would not fundamentally depart from Texas lawLO96-095
Charitable remainder trusts, authority of The Texas A&M System to administerGA-0163
Children's trust fund, whether abolished by section 403.094 of the Government CodeLO95-004
County school lands, commissioners court as trustee may not delegate authority over to beneficiary school districtJC-0399
Funds deposited in the court pending result of a legal proceeding are trust funds that county may not investLO96-023
Proprietary School Tuition Protection Fund is not a trust; interest on Fund accrues to State's general revenue fundDM-0143
Registry funds withdrawn on or after September 1, 1997, clerk must allocate to county general fund ten percent of any interest earned onLO98-106
Retirement systems are trust funds for members' benefit and are not subject to allocation for workers' compensation benefits and risk management programGA-0075
Scholarship and endowment funds donated to state university are impressed with charitable trust, modification of which requires court proceeding to which Attorney General is proper partyJC-0240
Teacher Retirement System, delegation of investment authority by and securities authorized for investment by board of trusteesJC-0043