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AG Opinions 1990-Present

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Animal welfare organizations, authority of veterinarian to practice for when owner, partners, or shareholders are not licensed veterinariansLO95-003
Controlled substance, Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners may adopt rule prohibiting Licensee from dispensing unless licensee has registered with Department of Public SafetyGA-0547
Medical treatment, veterinarian obligated to continue treatment for animal in custody, but may recover from owner charges incurredJC-0421
Notice requirements of section 801.357 of Occupations Code, veterinarian who has complied with may after 12 days dispose of animal in custodyJC-0421
Payment of accrued charges, veterinarian may not refuse to return animal to owner on demand, even in the absence ofJC-0421
Permitting or allowing another to use one's license or certificate to practice veterinary medicine, licensed veterinarian may be disciplined forDM-0498
Veterinarian may be employed by municipalityLO95-003