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A prescription drug, medicine, or other remedy at a fee-rate that is negotiated by contract, a workers’ compensation insurance carriers may pay forGA-0828
A prescription drug, medicine, or other remedy at a fee-rate that is negotiated by contract, a workers’ compensation insurance carriers may pay forGA-0828
Attorney's fees, rule limiting to certain percentage of claimant's recovery is unreasonable as a matter of lawJM-1147
Certificate of coverage requirements in public construction is not satisfied by agreement stating that independent contractor is not employee of hiring contractorDM-0300
Compensatory leave, state agencies may not require employees to exhaust before receiving weekly income benefits or prohibit employees from using while receiving weekly income benefitsJC-0188
County order limiting supplemental workers' compensation may not be applied to county employees injured prior to adoptionDM-0213
Employee on unpaid leave because of work-related injury, General Appropriations Act does not conflict with Workers' Compensation Act in regard to exceptions to12-month limit on leave forDM-0214
Evidence of representation and disbursement of attorney's fees, Industrial Accident Board may requireJM-1147
Fees for providing medical records in a workers' compensation proceeding, section 408.025(d) of the Labor Code governs the fees a hospital may charge to provide certain records rather than section 241.154(b) of the Health and Safety CodeGA-0399
Full pay of city police officer injured in line of duty not subject to reduction on grounds that part thereof might be construed as non-taxable workers compensationJC-0144
Guaranty association for workers' compensation liabilities of certain self-insured political subdivisions and insurance pools, constitutionality of proposal forDM-0326
Motor carriers hauling materials to and onto Texas Department of Transportation construction sites must carry workers' compensationDM-0241
Offset of state employee's workers' compensation benefits against vacation leave not permitted in absence of statutory authorityJC-0040
Political subdivision construction project, contractor is required to obtain workers' compensation insurance coverage for employees employed on projectLO92-060
Political subdivision of state required to provide workers' compensation coverage for employeesDM-0180
Provision of workers' compensation and unemployment insurance, "temporary common worker employer" who provides employees to third party user is responsible forDM-0243
Racetrack employees, authority of Racing Commission to adopt rules requiring racetracks to provide workers' compensationLO93-020
Right to purchase insurance from Workers' Compensation Insurance Facility, employer may be denied on account of failure to act in good faithLO94-023
Separate business entity, authority of Workers' Compensation Commission to define by ruleLO95-021
State university vocational training program, clients or patients of state institutions who are participating in are not state employees for purposes of state workers' compensation programLO93-023