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AG Opinions 1990-Present

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Abstract of judgment may constitute cloud on judgment debtor's title to homestead property located in county where abstract is recorded but cannot in itself constitute slander of homestead titleDM-0366
Act of sending letter requesting restitution damages based upon unadjudicated claim for breach of grant contract will not, by itself, establish debt to the state for purposes of Government Code section 403.055GA-0970
Backpay, county court at law judges' action against county for backpay is subject to four-year statute of limitations applicable to debtsJC-0182
Child support arrearage, property that may be seized for collection ofDM-0262
Child support delinquency as bar to marriage, constitutionalityDM-0384
Child support delinquency, whether state Medicaid providers must submit statements regardingDM-0379
County debt, whether county agreement to pay certain museum expenses over a fifty-year lease term violates article XI, section 7 of the Texas ConstitutionJC-0582
Delinquent taxes as debt for purpose of statute authorizing a county to adopt competitive bidding rules refusing to contract with or entering into a contract with a person indebted to the county GA-0518
Delinquent taxes as debt for purposes of statute precluding disbursement of county funds to person indebted to the county GA-0518
Dishonored check is "debt" for purposes of Texas Debt Collection Practices Act and Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices ActLO98-084
Incapacitated creditor without guardian, one or more debtors may pay to county clerk money owed to unless creditor is owed more than $25,000 totalLO96-105
Indemnification clause in public contract, debt created byGA-0176
Indigent health care services invoices in excess of amount budgeted for that purpose GA-0652
Real property, whether county may execute vendor's lien note for purchase ofLO93-090
Seizure under process, life insurance proceeds and life insurance policy cash value are exempt from but individually purchased annuities are not exempt fromDM-0125
State agency is ordinarily not authorized to execute an enforceable indemnity agreement in favor of another partyLO90-107
Subordinated debt of pawnshop, inclusion of in calculation of net assets to determine eligibility for pawnshop licenseDM-0332
Water district with road district powers, whether authorized to incur long-term indebtedness payable from road feesJC-0295