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AG Opinions 1990-Present

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Army Corps of Engineers, navigation district is not authorized to accept the conveyance of easements from the Corps for the purpose of conveying the easements to private property owners whose fee interests are affected by the easementsJC-0202
Arrest, search and seizure jurisdiction to enforce Texas law, amendment to Code of Criminal Procedure gives to law enforcement officers of National Park Service within boundaries of any and all units of National Park System in TexasJC-0177
Bureau of Prisons has exclusive authority to regulate or inspect a penal and correctional institution housing only federal inmates that is operated by a municipality under an agreement with the Bureau (Withdrawn by Tex. Att'y Gen. LO-96-151)DM-0404
Complaints about religious Institutions’ secular programs of study, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board may handleGA-0902
Councils of government as units of general local government for purpose of HUD's HOME ProgramGA-1037
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's request for information relevant to a pending investigation, state agency must comply although state statute deems requested information confidentialJC-0280
Federal Food and Drug Administration toll-free telephone number for reporting adverse events, authority of Texas Department of Health to promulgate rule requiring on labels for certain dietary supplementsJC-0445
Food and Drug Administration has authority to adopt regulations to enforce certain federal drug lawsJC-0412
Hold and save harmless provision requiring county to indemnify U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for damages, application of constitutional restrictions on county debtDM-0467
Housing and Urban Development, Texas Department of Health may conduct or commission market-need-and-feasibility study necessary for Secretary of to issue mortgage insurance on hospital or long-term care facilityLO97-035
Real property acquired by condemnation, federal government may transfer from one federal agency to anotherLO96-122
Regulating religious institutions’ religious programs of study, the Texas Supreme Court has held that the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board is prohibited from regulating but it has not held that the Board is prohibited from regulating religious institutions’ secular programs of studyGA-0902
Small Business Administration Certificates, whether municipal depository may secure deposit of public funds withLO94-017
Surplus federal property paid to county as consideration for housing federal prisoners would be included in county inventory and disposed of like any other county propertyGA-0229
Tax lien, filing notice of or release of by Secretary of Treasury or delegateLO95-091
Texas Constitution article III, section 52 - Court is likely to conclude that the United States Fish and Wildlife Service is not an "individual, association or corporation under article III, section 52.KP-008
U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs cash-out refinance loan - whether Texas veterans may obtainKP-183
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development regulations requiring safety and construction compliance label on manufactured homes for sale or lease do not preempt Texas law requiring labels to be removed from irreparably damaged, salvaged homesKP-199
United States Marshals Service, sheriff is not authorized to contract with to house federal prisoners in the county jailGA-0229