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AG Opinions 1990-Present

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Air conditioning and refrigeration contractors, municipality's authority to impose registration fee onLO95-028
Animal Health Commission is not authorized to charge a fee for reviewing and processing health certificates after their completion by a private practitionerGA-0191
Applicant for plat revision, county must have express authority to charge fees or costs to applicantJC-0367
Authority to impose fees, a political subdivision, other than a home-rule municipality, has only if specifically authorized by lawLO98-064
Bail bond board, county, may not impose fee on bonding companies to pay for the cost of hiring a bail bond administratorGA-0735
Beach user fees charged by local governments, application of sales taxJC-0081
Cadavers, Anatomical Board may not regulate fees charged by institutions transferring cadavers to third partiesJC-0583
College or university governing board may not waive collection of fees unless expressly authorized by statuteDM-0421
Commissioners court may not authorize on-duty constables to serve notices to vacate premises by setting fee for the serviceLO97-026
Constable fee for delivering a notice to vacate premises, whether a constable may retain in addition to his or her salary under article XVI, section 61 of the Texas ConstitutionGA-0364
Continuing education courses conducted by outside sources, Board of Licensure for Nursing Home Administrators may not impose fee forDM-0219
County clerk as registrar, whether entitled to collect security fee when filing birth, death, or fetal death recordsDM-0371
County clerk fee for issuing noncertified copiesLO96-082
Court reporter serving under Family Code chapter 201, subchapter C, is "official court reporter" for purposes of section 52.047, Government Code and may charge fee for preparing transcriptGA-0164
Court reporter transcript fees are not salary supplements and do not violate section 659.020, Government Code prohibiting salary supplements to state employeesGA-0164
Drainage district impact fee, whether college may elect not to payLO93-060
Engineers, fee increase for registration, as violation of intergovernmental tax immunityLO96-039
Fee for drilling and equipping of water wells, county may not assess absent specific constitutional or statutory authorityLO98-118
Fees for copying health care information, whether hospital districts may assess statutory fees in excess of charges established by General Services Commission under the Open Records ActLO96-001
Fingerprinting services, authority of local law-enforcement officials to charge for performingDM-0315
Gross receipts assessment imposed by Public Utility Regulatory Act, all public utilities subject to jurisdiction of the Act are subject toJM-1280
Health Care Information Council's public-use and provider-quality data, release of is not subject to fee provisions in chapter 552 of the Government CodeJC-0469
Impact fees, assessment and collection of impact fees adopted after June 20, 1987 GA-0577
Impact fees, Local Government Code section 395 does not give a political subdivision or governmental entity, other than school districts, discretion to not pay required feesGA-0821
Impact fees, municipal water rights fees asGA-0482
Impact fees, municipality’s authority to grant a credit for a water line project on sewer impact feesGA-0788
Impose fee for applicant to take fire department civil service promotional examination, commission may not impose such a fee because civil service commission lacks express statutory authority toGA-0842
Installation and monitoring motor vehicle interlock device that measures alcohol on operator's breath, county may not charge fee to defendant forLO96-118
Involuntary mental health commitment case, county clerk may not collect under section 118.052(b) of the Local Government Code or by using a sliding scaleLO94-097
Judges, fee for performing a marriage ceremonyDM-0397
Licensing fee imposed by Board of Registration for Professional Engineers, Board may consider $200 fee increase set by legislature as part of fee subject to reduction for purposes of setting reduced fees for licensees at least 65 years of ageDM-0092
Meaning of the term "school district" within context of Local Government Code subsection 395.022(b) concerning impact feesGA-0984
Motor fuel, under article 8614, section 9(b), Revised Civil Statutes, comptroller may collect fee from distributor of; under section 9(c) comptroller may collect fee only from dealer of motor fuel containing ethanol or methanolJM-1256
Motor vehicle accident reports, actual cost of copiesGA-0052
Municipal drainage utility charge, school districts subject toGA-1080
Navigation and canal district must use fees and charges collected under section 60.103 of the Water Code to pay expenses, interest on obligations, and payments to sinking fundLO92-084
Parking fee, state university may charge to students, faculty, and staff, even if disabledDM-0345
Planning and implementation fees collected from persons licensed to possess or use radioactive material or own or operate a nuclear power plant are not receipts from waste received at disposal siteDM-0101
Property owners' association may assess additional fees or raise existing fees for services without membership approvalLO96-123
Protective order in family violence cases, fee limited to $36 irrespective of number of respondents or number of times service attemptedDM-0298
Refunds, authority of state agency and comptroller to grant requests for fees paid in errorLO98-049
Rehabilitation fees assessed insurance companies by State Board of Insurance are not within the premium tax credit allowed for "examination and evaluation fees"DM-0100
Reimbursement charge for title and registration fees and ad valorem taxes paid on car rental fleet, collection by car rental companiesLO97-013
School district is not required to pay impact fee imposed by political subdivision unless board consents to such payment by entering into contract with political subdivisionGA-0637
Service and handling fees, entities who have not paid to acquire surplus property are indebted to StateDM-0217
Solid waste disposal fees, calculation ofDM-0052
Student fees imposed by University of Texas at Austin, exemption for persons honorably discharged from armed forces during "cold war"DM-0359
Substitution fee, insurance agent may not charge lender if lender sells mortgage and requests endorsement from agent reflecting changeLO92-076
Transportation Code section 502.010 authorizes certain counties to impose an additional fee of twenty dollars to a person who fails to pay a fine, fee or tax to the county or to a defendant who fails to appear in connection with a pending criminal proceeding. The commissioners court may decide whether a county imposes the additional fee and which specific county official or department assesses and collects that fee.GA-1006
Tuition or fee, school district may not charge unless it is specifically authorized to do so by statute or constitutionJC-0207
Water line installation impact fee, municipality must comply with subchapter C of chapter 395 of the Local Government Code before enacting or imposingLO93-056
Wireless 9-1-1 service fee, distribution to emergency communication district that withdraws from a regional 9-1-1 planDM-0494