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Alternative depository for gubernatorial records, the only power given to governor by statute is that of designatingJC-0498
Appointment of judges for the 444th and 445th Judicial District courts, Governor is required to make appointments as vacancy exists in each courtGA-0578
Article 4, section 14 of the Texas Constitution, the Governor may veto items of appropriation, which is a designation of funds for a specific purposeKP-048
Executive Order RP-80 is not specifically superseded or preempted by Government Code section 673.002 with respect to the verification of employment eligibility of contractors and subcontractors by state agencies under the direction of the GovernorKP-070
Executive Order RP-80 is superseded by Government Code section 673.002 with respect to the requirement that all state agencies must verify the employment eligibility of new employees through the Department of Homeland Security's E-Verify programKP-070
Executive order, whether order remains in effect after governor's term endsLO90-006
Governor's authority to call expedited special election in emergencyKP-191
Mandamus, not subject to Vacancy in district court, authority to fillGA-0764
Motor vehicle registration fees, Governor may not increase or appropriate but, in case of emergency, may act with legislative budget board to redirect funds already appropriated by the legislature for purposes consistent with article VIII, section 7-a of JC-0501
Pardon, person who has completed deferred adjudication community supervision and who has been discharged after dismissal of charges may not receiveDM-0349
Posthumous pardons, the Texas Constitution does not limit the Governor's authority to grant posthumous pardons as long as all other constitutional requirements are metGA-0754
Recess appointee is ipso facto nominated to the Senate if the governor fails to nominate appointee or some other person during first ten days of legislative session (Affirmed by Tex. Att'y Gen. Op. No. JM-1179 (1990))JM-1161
Recess appointee whose appointment is not acted on by the Senate in legislative session following appointment loses appointment upon adjournment of session and does not hold over in office (Affirmed by Tex. Att'y Gen. Op. No. JM-1179 (1990))JM-1161
Recess appointment, whether subject to senate confirmationLO95-024
Resign to run, legislator that announces candidacy for Governor during the first year of a two-year term is not required to immediately resign from House of RepresentativesGA-0698
To the extent that the Governor was previously advised in an attorney general opinion that Texas case law prohibited him from granting posthumous pardons, it was reasonable for Governor to rely on such adviceGA-0754