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AG Opinions 1990-Present

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Animal welfare organizations, authority of veterinarian to practice for when owner, partners, or shareholders are not licensed veterinariansLO95-003
Animal “previously captured” is one that has been confined against its will prior to act of inflicting death or serious bodily injury to the animal in violation of section 42.092 of the Penal Code GA-0646
Appeal of health authority's order quarantining animal for rabies depends upon statute or rule involved in individual caseLO92-079
Cemetery, commissioners court may determine whether non-human animals may be buried inLO93-016
Commissioners Court authority to prohibit animals in a county courthouse that includes the offices of an independent elected officialGA-1018
Conveyance of special equipment, General Appropriations Act authorizes Texas Animal Health Commission to purchase pickup trucks and trucks forLO93-009
County-owned pounds and animal shelters, whether federal law requires holding of cats and dogs for five daysLO94-041
Dangerous dog, a municipal court’s jurisdiction to adjudicate compliance hearings under Health and Safety Code section 822.042 and appeals from dangerous-dog determinations under section 822.421GA-0660
Dangerous dog, standard of conduct required to satisfy definition ofLO93-015
Dangerous wild animals, county required to adopt certificate of registration program forJC-0552
Effect of 1981 enactment of the Agriculture Code on previous local option stock law elections.KP-164
Fact question beyond the purview of an attorney general opinion. Whether any particular set of circumstances will result in liability is aGA-1027
Farm vehicle, owner of a vehicle used to transport birds, rats, mice, hamsters and similar animals for sale to pet shops may not register it as aGA-0801
Fish, division of authority to regulate taking of and activities involving between local water conservation and reclamation district and Parks and Wildlife DepartmentLO98-064
Harris County Animal Control is prohibited from providing to entity that contracts with city of Houston information contained in rabies vaccination certificate and made confidential under chapter 826 of the Health and Safety CodeGA-0367
Horse slaughter in Texas with meat intended for human consumption, Commissioner of Health may investigate and local prosecutors may investigate and prosecuteJC-0539
Horse-tripping, person who intentionally engages in may be convicted of torturing an animalLO94-095
Horsemeat exported abroad, application of transportation ban to foreign corporationGA-0623
Hunting on land owned or possessed by another, circumstances in which real property owner's, lessee's, or occupant's liability is limitedLO94-094
Killing of feral pigeons, a city may not by ordinance forbid but "pigeon shoot" may constitute cruelty to animalsJC-0048
Local option stock law election, in which a single ballot proposition combined proposals from a petition to restrain cattle with a petition to restrain horses or other animals, is invalidGA-0093
Owner of designated class of livestock must prevent his stock from running at large in county where local option stock law is in effectLO92-031
Pest control, school board must utilize licensed or noncommercial applicators and must find money to pay for either within budget or by amending or supplementing budgetLO92-042
Rabies control authority in unincorporated areas of county, commissioners court must designate officer to act asGA-0466
Rehabilitation permit from Parks & Wildlife Department, holder of not exempt from application of section 822.102(5), Health & Safety Code, with regard to animals not indigenous to TexasGA-0654
Research facilities that use animals for research purposes, application of federal requirementsLO94-041
Staging fights between hogs and dogs is a criminal offenseLO94-071
Veterinarian may not refuse to return animal to owner upon demand, even in absence of payment of accrued chargesJC-0421
Veterinarian obligated to continue medical treatment for animal in his custody, but may recover from owner charges incurredJC-0421
Veterinarian who has complied with notice requirements of section 801.357, Occupations Code, may after 12 days dispose of animal in custodyJC-0421
Wildlife, authority of county to care for and to house wildlife hotline operated by nonprofit corporationLO93-079