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Adopted by election, the Fire and Police Employees Relations Act isGA-0662
At will employees, whether employees of Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation areLO95-063
County civil service commission's authority to adopt subpoena powerDM-0338
County civil service system, inclusion of deputy sheriffs and deputy constables in expandedDM-0338
Court would likely conclude that Dallas County is not expressly authorized by Labor Code section 62.0515 to require a higher wage as a condition for a contract award under the County Purchasing Act.GA-1090
Disclosure of non-sealed delinquency adjudication on employment applicationDM-0009
Executive Order RP-80 is not specifically superseded or preempted by Government Code section 673.002 with respect to the verification of employment eligibility of contractors and subcontractors by state agencies under the direction of the GovernorKP-070
Fire chief’s authority to appoint deputies in civil service municipalities that adopt the Fire and Police Employees Relations ActGA-0662
Fire chief’s authority to appoint deputies in civil service municipalities that have adopted the Fire and Police Employee Relations Act; reaffirming Attorney General Opinion GA-0662 (2008)GA-0771
Government Code section 673.002 with respect to the requirement that all state agencies must verify the employment eligibility of new employees through the Department of Homeland Security's E-Verify programKP-070
Interpreters hired by councils for the deaf, status as employees or independent contractorsLO93-111
Newspaper subscriptions, child under 14 may not solicit unless the child simultaneously tries to sell current issue and will also subsequently deliver newspaper to that customerJC-0309
Payroll deduction under the Fire and Police Employee Relations Act, general-law city with population below 10,000 has implicit authority to provideGA-0625
Per se "employees," students are not for purposes of statute requiring employers to supply hazardous chemicals information to "employees"DM-0239
Political committees, school districts are prohibited from processing payroll deductions for employees’ contributions toGA-0774
Prevailing wage law complaints, chapter 171 of Local Government Code does not prohibit board member of hospital district who is president of local union council from participating in "good cause" determinations ofJC-0210
Prevailing wage law does not apply to project undertaken by development corporation unless state or political subdivision is a party to the construction contractJC-0032
Prevailing wage law, governing body is not required to include value of fringe benefits in its calculation of prevailing wageJM-1164
Prevailing wages, county may not prescribe for contracts other than public works contractsJM-1215
Project labor agreement, whether section 271.121 of the Local Government Code prohibits a governmental entity from requiring a contractor or other vendor to sign a project labor agreement is a fact question beyond the purview of the Opinion CommitteeGA-0858
Public work contract, contractor generally must pay no less than prevailing wage rate to workers on projectDM-0469
Public work contract, contractor may hire craft or type of worker not listed in contract only if public body has approved the hiring and has determined the prevailing wage rate in advanceDM-0469
Public work contract, judicial remedy for violation of chapter 2258 of the Government CodeDM-0469
Public-work contract, worker may be paid different wage rates if he or she performs different jobsDM-0469
Restriction on former trustee's employment by school district, application to trustee who resigned before effective date ofLO96-022
Rules adopted by fire and police civil service commission, authority of city to approve, reject, or reviewDM-0447
Staff Leasing Services Act is enforced by Department of Licensing and RegulationLO96-143
Wage claimant, Employment Commission may not transfer or assign lien or notice of assessment based on unpaid wages; may not execute on lien or judgment held by Employment CommissionDM-0356
Labor Organizations
An "employees association" is not synonymous with a labor organizationJC-0369
Collective bargaining agreement between fire fighters and municipality, whether terms may prevail over statuteLO95-019
Collective bargaining, city and fire fighters association may not negotiate to exclude from collective bargaining unit certain high ranking fire fightersLO98-102
Frequency of elections to certify representatives of police officersKP-044
Public employees may discuss working conditions with representatives of union that does not claim right to strike but public employer retains right to establish employment conditionsLO97-038
School district administrator, prohibition against coercing teacher to join labor organization or associationLO95-047
Union membership does not disqualify director of navigation district from voting on board businessLO94-012