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Adjutant general is precluded from accruing state compensatory leave by section 659.024(c), Government Code, as a single state officer who governs a state agency GA-0736
Adjutant General, as chief of Texas National Guard, has authority to purchase liability insurance with federal funds to cover officers and employees who operate mobile shooting rangeDM-0148
American Legion, Department of Texas, exempt under section 501(c)(19) of Internal Revenue CodeLO97-098
American Legion, Department of Texas, status as a charitable organization under Charitable Immunity and Liability Act of 1987LO97-098
Assistant adjutant general is not a single state officer who governs a state agency under section 659.024(c), Government Code, and may accrue compensatory leaveGA-0736
College or university medical-service fee, governing board may not waive payment of from active-duty personnel unless expressly permitted by statuteDM-0421
Concealed handgun, retired military officer is not exempted from statutory requirements imposed upon other licensees seeking to carry concealed handgun under the provisions of chapter 411, subchapter H of the Government CodeLO98-123
Construction, repair, and maintenance of state-owned facilities located on property of Texas Military Facilities Commission, Commission has exclusive authority for useGA-0200
Construction, repair, or maintenance contracts that are within the Texas Military Facilities Commission's exclusive authority, military facilities' exclusion from the Texas Building and Procurement Commission's duty to manage certain state facilities undeGA-0200
County attorney not barred by either article XVI, section 12 of Texas Constitution or by common-law incompatibility from serving as volunteer ombudsman for the National Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and ReserveGA-0460
Delete time from military leave-time account, a municipality may notGA-0174
Federal Hazard Communication Standard, Texas National Guard not an employer but required to comply withLO98-038
Gas or electric utility company waiver of deposit for United States Navy personnel, permissibility ofLO93-040
Hazard Communication Act, Texas National Guard not subject toLO98-038
Insurance and benefits coverage, municipality must maintain when a municipal fire fighter or police officer is called for military duty, but only on the terms in effect when the employee received the call which may include the employees' obligations to paGA-0174
Legal officer in United States Air Force Reserve, district attorney subject to Professional Prosecutors Act may serve as because such service is not the private practice of lawJC-0380
Military leave of absence, authority of civil service commission, when a police officer or fire fighter returns from a military leave of absence, to demote officers who had advanced in rank because of the military leave of absenceGA-0325
Military leave-time account, municipal fire fighters and police officers are entitled to donate any amount of leave to their department's military leave-time account that they would be entitled to for themselvesGA-0174
Municipal employee entitled to 15 days paid leave of absence for all military duty of whatever natureLO94-007
Occupational Safety and Health Act, Texas National Guard not an employer underLO98-038
Officer, state or district, called into military service may waive compensation and authorize payment to temporary custodian, but is not required to do soLO90-096
Road and street tax exemption not applicable to optional county motor vehicle registration feeLO93-072
Selective Service Local Board exercises governmental powers only when federal law provides for conscriptionGA-0057
State employment, only males between ages of 18 and 25 inclusive must furnish proof of selective service registration or exemption as condition ofJC-0183
Surviving spouse of the residence homestead exemption whose qualifications for the residence homestead property tax exemption are determined on January 1, 2012, the fact that the disabled veteran died in 2011 prior to the effective date of subsection 11.131(c) does not deprive theGA-0918
Texas Air National Guard, validity of regulation providing for termination of officer for lacking professional qualificationsJC-0265
Department of Veterans Affairs cash-out refinance loanKP-183
Disabled veterans, maximum amount of property tax exemption authorizedGA-0676
Discharge record, county clerk may charge courthouse security fee upon filing if commissioners court has authorized collection (Modified by Tex. Att'y Gen. Op. No. DM-371 (1995))DM-0283
Exemption from fees and charges at institution of higher learning for reservist separated from active duty but not dischargedLO96-090
Fixed-point residence requirement, statute exempting certain honorably discharged, resident veterans from college tuition is probably unconstitutionalDM-0468
Higher education tuition exemptions, all veterans honorably separated from active duty during enumerated periods eligible forLO96-097
Opinion Withdrawn 1/14/2008 - superseded by statute, Tex. Educ. Code Ann. § 54.203GA-0347
Opinion Withdrawn 1/14/2008 - Superseded by statute, Tex. Educ. Code Ann. § 54.203GA-0445
Retention preference in reduction in workforce, veterans entitled to over similarly qualified and situated employees, but not over more qualified employeesDM-0422
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has authority to adopt rule which would allow veterans applying for state Hazlewood Exemption who are otherwise entitled to federal Chapter 33 benefits to not first exhaust Chapter 33 benefits, court would likely conclude thatGA-0969
Tuition and fee exemption at state institutions of higher education available to veterans discharged under honorable conditions as well as veterans with honorable dischargeLO94-011
Veterans County Service Office, office must be "separate and distinct" from other county officesLO96-127
Veterans treatment court judge, not the commissioners court, is authorized to select and supervise the staff of a veterans treatment court programKP-146
Widow of Purple Heart recipient is not eligible to make initial application for Purple Heart license platesLO90-037