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AG Opinions 1990-Present

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Adjudication of a charge of violating the Parks and Wildlife Code and impose a special expense without assessing a fine, justice of the peace may deferGA-0745
Civil Practice and Remedies Code section 75.002, subsections (f) and (g) do not apply to the state, a county, or a municipality that owns, operates, or maintains its premises for bicycle-related recreational activitiesGA-0338
County park lands, county may acquire only within countyLO94-018
Grants from Parks and Wildlife Department, some municipal utility districts may be eligible forLO90-066
Municipal park board, authority to authorize tourist hotel under its management and control to offer fitness center memberships to local residentsJC-0252
Municipal park land, authority of municipality to convey to University of TexasDM-0441
Municipal utility district may not use tax revenues to purchase real property to use solely as a public parkJM-1173
Municipal utility district may use revenue notes to finance acquisition of parkJM-1259
Oyster-bed leases, terms and conditionsJC-0237
Park land, authority of municipality to sell, standing of private individual to challenge saleLO97-057
Park land, conveyance by municipality to hospital districtDM-0232
Parkland, lease or sale of home-rule municipality's parkland to an independent school districtGA-0558
Parks and Wildlife Department, special expense imposed under article 45.051 of Code of Criminal Procedure is not a fine under section 12.107 of Parks and Wildlife Code to be remitted to theGA-0745
Wildlife, authority of county to care for and to house wildlife hotline operated by nonprofit corporationLO93-079
Hunting and Fishing
Criminal trespass statute does not apply to persons in boat in public waters over submerged private property who beach the boat, anchor it, or tie it to a private duck blind without leaving the boatLO97-079
Finfish harvested by licensed commercial shrimpers, licensed shrimper need not obtain commercial finfish license in addition to general commercial fisherman's license in order to sellJM-1206
Fishing crab traps in public waters privately owned submerged lands; licensed crab fishermen need not obtain permission from owner of submerged landGA-0181
Handgun, carrying handgun prohibited while fishing from private pier on property open to public and licensed to sell alcoholic beveragesLO94-009
Killing of feral pigeons explicitly authorized by Parks and Wildlife CodeJC-0048
Liability of owners, lessees, or occupants of real property who permit recreational use of the land, circumstances in which statutory limitation on appliesLO94-094
Right to fish over submerged private property, whether it includes right to wade as necessary incidentLO98-117
Water district, division of authority between department and district to regulate fishing, guides, and tournamentsLO98-064