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Conditions of parole constitute contract between parolee and Pardons and Paroles Division JC-0010
Indecency with a child, inmates convicted of are not eligible for mandatory supervision (Overruled by Court Decision, 958 S.W.2d 811)LO96-126
Life sentence is not completed merely because convicted person is released on paroleDM-0104
Magistrate or court before whom the sheriff must bring a parolee arrested on a new offense and parole violation warrant after arrested person has been returned to county where new offense alleged was committedGA-0605
Pardon, person who has completed deferred adjudication community supervision and who has been discharged after dismissal of charges may not receiveDM-0349
Parolee arrested for a new offense on an out-of-county warrant and also arrested on warrant for a parole violation, return to county of new offenseGA-0605
Practice of law, whether person who creates parole kit engages inLO97-104
Reduction of mandatory time served for eligibility, statute authorizing is retroactive (Withdrawn by Tex. Att'y Gen. Op. No. DM-45A and reissued as DM-45B)DM-0045
Sex offender registration, parole contract between parolee and Division of Pardons and Paroles does not obligate local law enforcement authority to register paroleeJC-0010