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Certificates of obligation, authority of a municipality to issue to finance construction of a municipal open-enrollment charter school facilityGA-0069
Certificates of obligation, use of proceedsGA-0481
County lacks authority to borrow money from State Infrastructure Bank for bridge and road construction without issuing bondsJC-0139
Development Corporation Act of 1979, section 4B sales and use tax proceeds are public funds subject to article III, section 52 of Texas ConstitutionJC-0118
Development Corporation Act of 1979, section 4B sales and use tax proceeds may only be used for project costs; they may not be used for "promotional purposes" unrelated to projectsJC-0118
Higher education authority, whether permitted to loan funds and pledge unencumbered collateralLO96-130
Interest and sinking fund, hospital district may not use excess monies in to finance construction of buildingDM-0066
It is likely a court would conclude that, absent a constitutional amendment, a county may not form and operate a county energy transportation reinvestment zone ("CETRZ"), a tax increment reinvestment zone ("TIRZ"), or a transportation reinvestment zone ("TRZ") to the extent that doing so utilizes a pledge of the captured increment of ad valorem taxes to fund a county tax increment reinvestment zone.KP-004
Permanent School Fund, payment from appropriation of expenses of managingGA-0293
Pricing committee appointed by the Texas Public Finance Authority board of directors is a governmental body subject to the Open Meetings ActJC-0053
School district lease-purchase contracts under Public Property Finance Act, applicable procurement proceduresGA-0494
Tax increment financing reinvestment zones, authority of municipality to designate a zone that is not unproductive, underdeveloped, or blighted within meaning of Texas ConstitutionJC-0152
Tax increment financing reinvestment zones, authority of municipality to use unexpended tax increment funds to build project outside of terminated zoneJC-0141
Tax increment financing, use by countiesGA-1076
Under Local Government Code subsection 501.103(1), "site improvement" should be construed to mean an improvement or permanent enhancement made that relates to the development of an area of ground on which a town, building, or monument is constructed.KP-065
Public Investments
Applicability of the Texas Public Funds Investment Act, chapter 2256, Government Code, to endowment funds of a state universityGA-0768
County school funds, Chambers County may not contract with a bank to invest and manage its permanent school fundGA-0388
Covered call contracts and covered put contracts, definition of for purposes of section 2 of the Public Funds Investment ActDM-0274
Covered call contracts and covered put contracts, under Public Funds Investment Act public funds investment pool is not authorized to purchase, sell, or invest its funds and funds under its control inDM-0274
Direct security repurchase agreements, call option contracts, reverse, repurchase agreements, and collateralized mortgage obligations not "bonds or obligations of the United States" in which article III, sections 49-b and 49-b-1of Texas Constitution permiJM-1201
Investment pool authority to form and invest in a subsidiary, select its directors, incorporate under laws of another stateKP-022
Mutual funds holding only adjustable rate mortgages that obligate United States agencies, authority of certain public entities to invest inDM-0202
Public funds investment pool, whether maximum average dollar-weighted maturity of pool may be calculated using floating rate securities' reset date as opposed to their stated maturity dateJC-0359
Public funds, defining for purposes of Public Funds Investment ActDM-0489
Teacher Retirement System, delegation of investment authority by and securities authorized for investment by board of trusteesJC-0043
Toll roads, Department of Transportation cannot grant state highway fund monies to Texas Turnpike Authority for toll roads except on condition of repayment from toll proceeds and other revenueJC-0353
University of North Texas Systemís Board of Regents is a governing board within the scope of subsection 51.0031(c), Education CodeGA-0892
University of North Texas Systemís Board of Regents is the entity to which Education Code subsection 51.0031(c)ís $25 million threshold appliesGA-0892
Tax and Revenue Bonds
Amount of tax voted by electorate, tax collector and the commissioners court cannot ordinarily levy or collect a tax in a road district in excess ofJM-1276
Appropriations act rider authorizing Texas Public Finance Authority to issue revenue bonds to finance construction of state office building in Nueces County, validity ofLO93-013
Arbitration of construction contract, use of proceeds for legal fees forJC-0127
Grant Anticipation Revenue Vehicle ("GARVEE") bonds, whether issuance of requires amendment of Texas ConstitutionJC-0039
Guaranteed charter district bonds, limitation contained in Texas Government Code section 45.0532KP-005
Impair contract to pay bondholders with ad valorem tax revenues, municipality may not increase homestead exemption if increase wouldDM-0031
Infrastructure charge, authority of University of Texas to collect from students under section 55.16 of the Education Code to fund building renovation and repair depends on whether or not it is equivalent of building use feeJC-0527
Interest rate hedge contract, hospital district does not have authority to execute derived from its authority to issue bondsJC-0068
Municipal utility system, municipality need not reimburse ratepayers if it diverts real property originally purchased for future expansion ofLO98-058
Negotiable vendor's lien note for purchase of real property, county must have express authority to executeLO93-090
Park development bonds may be issued by Public Finance Authority as the Legislature-appointed successor to Parks and Wildlife Department in accordance with article III, section 49-e of the Texas ConstitutionLO92-027
Proceeds of unlimited tax, county road or district road bonds issued pursuant to article III, section 52(b) or (c) of Texas Constitution, commissioners court may not spend on city streets unconnected to county road systemJC-0036
Rider to General Appropriations Act may authorize Texas Public Finance Authority to issue bonds to finance construction of state office buildingLO92-013
Start-up costs for Texas State Technical College Extension Center in Marshall may be financed by issuance of bonds by Marshall Economic Development CorporationLO92-086
Subsequent election, proceeds of bonds approved for improvements to city's existing civic center may not be used to construct new civic and convention center unless approved by voters atLO98-060
Surplus in interest and sinking fund after retirement of bonded indebtedness should be refunded to taxpayersLO94-006
Tax anticipation notes and bond anticipation notes as well as bonds, county road district may borrow money by issuing but not unless authorized by the electorateJM-1276
Tax increment bonds, authority of counties to issueGA-0981
Texas Public Finance's authority to issue bonds on behalf of Texas State Technical College SystemJC-0523
With regard to the language of ballot propositions about voter approval of bonds and the imposition of taxes, subsection 52.072(e) of the Election Code applies to elections governed by section 130.037 of the Education CodeGA-0922