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AG Opinions 1990-Present

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Judicial decision, an attorney general opinion may not overruleJC-0507
Rules of the Senate or House, the Attorney General will not construeGA-0584
To the extent that the Governor was previously advised in an opinion that Texas case law prohibited him from issuing a posthumous pardon, it was reasonable for the Governor to rely on such adviceGA-0754
While they are persuasive authority, attorney general opinions are not bindingGA-0754
Attorney General - Opinion Authority
Contracts, attorney general does not construeLO90-107
Fact questions cannot be answered in an attorney general opinionGA-0648
Fact questions cannot be answered in an attorney general opinion. U.S. Supreme Court's test to determine if state law violates U.S. Commerce Clause involves mixed questions of fact and law.GA-0867
Implied contract, whether parties have by their acts and conduct formed an implied contract is a question of fact that cannot be determined in an opinionGA-0429
Pending litigation, the attorney general's long-standing policy is to refrain from issuing an opinion on a question that is implicated inGA-0457