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Article 6288 of the Revised Civil Statutes governs the residency requirements for directors of the Texas Mexican Railway CompanyGA-0185
Deputy constable not required to reside in precinct for which he was appointedJC-0148
Sex offenders, state law does not preempt a home-rule municipality's authority to adopt residence restrictions onGA-0526
Voting and voter registration, both bodily presence and current intention on part of applicant or voter are necessary to establish residence for purposes ofGA-0141
Voting and voter registration, residence is defined to mean 'domicile,' i.e., one home and fixed place of habitation to which one intends to return after any temporary absence for purposes ofGA-0141
Political Subdivisions
A city's charter provision limiting a person's eligibility to serve on a tax increment reinvestment zone board to only city residents conflicts with Tax Code section 311.900(e) and is void.KP-026
Conservation and reclamation district operating under chapters 49 and 65 of the Water Code, person who purchases water from but who resides outside district's boundaries is ineligible to vote in electionGA-0151
Constable precinct, when abolished by redistricting, article V, section 18(c) of Texas Constitution provides constable will serve out term in precinct where he or she residesJC-0462
Justice precinct, if abolished by redistricting, article V, section 18(c) of Texas Constitution provides that justice of the peace will serve out full term in precinct where he or she residesJC-0483
Residence outside of school district, trustee who relocates may vacate office if relocation intended to be permanentLO92-019
Rural fire prevention district board member, whether a "county officer" who must reside in county where district is locatedLO95-016
Dormitory or hotel, resident of may be Texas domiciliary for purpose of obtaining commercial driver's licenseJC-0520