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Accumulated vacation time, paid as salary under an employment contract, is not creditable compensation for purposes of determining Teacher Retirement System benefitsGA-0300
Annuity increase of ten percent under section 834.102(b) of the Government Code, whether former judge retiring from special assignment eligible to receiveLO93-081
Appraisal district, whether local retirement plan may be created byJM-1142
Benefit under section 143.073(b) of the Local Government Code for fire fighters and police officers injured or becoming ill in the line of duty is available only if pension fund is exclusively for fire fighters or police officers, not if fund covers all cJC-0310
Car allowance, whether fire fighter retirement system may exclude from definition of compensation for purpose of calculating contribution and benefitsLO95-089
City employees who are participating in the Texas Municipal Retirement System, board of trustees of a fire fighters retirement system may not elect to include within the systemLO98-090
City may adopt retirement plan under chapter 810 of the Government Code without holding election under article 6243k, Revised Civil StatutesLO98-070
City's errors in reporting members' contributions or enrollment dates to Municipal Retirement System, four-year time limit on correctingJC-0066
Computation of benefits, retroactive salary increase granted in contravention of Texas Constitution need not be included inLO94-093
Constitutional prohibition on a person receiving Benefits from multiple retirement systems for the same service would preclude a retired City of Houston employee from receiving a pension from the Houston Municipal Employee Pension System as well as a beneGA-0221
County retirees' health insurance premiums, county may not pay unless the retirement plan is authorized by state law and is consistent with article III, section 53 of the Texas ConstitutionJC-0297
Death benefits, entitlement of widow of retired city employee toLO95-026
Deferred compensation program involving transfer of shares in mutual fund, authority of state university system to offerJC-0431
Delegation of investment authority by and securities authorized for investment by Board of Trustees of Teacher Retirement System of TexasJC-0043
Distribution of extra interest to annuitants by Texas County and Retirement System does not violate constitutional prohibition against grants of public fundsDM-0265
Early exit plan for school district employees is not "deferred compensation plan" within the meaning of section 609 of the Government CodeJC-0165
Early exit plan for school district employees, whereby certain employees receive payments from the district in return for leaving employment and other agreements, is not an unconstitutional gratuity if employees provide consideration to the district for pJC-0165
Fire fighter's pension plan changes, whether they violate article III, section 53 of the Texas ConstitutionLO97-113
Former teachers who accept temporary employment with third-party contractors who provide educational services to school districts do not forfeit retirement benefitsGA-0018
Home-rule municipality must have express statutory authority to adopt retirement planLO98-070
Investment brokerage service, retirement systems must make good faith effort to assist disadvantaged businesses in obtaining at least ten percent of value of contracts awarded forDM-0184
Investment of funds in equity swap or interest swap contract, authority of Employees Retirement System for (Overruled to extent inconsistent with Tex. Att'y Gen. Op. No. JC-0043 (1999))LO94-052
Medical records, authority of retirement system board of trustees sitting as medical board or committee to hold executive session for purpose of reviewingDM-0340
Municipal pension plan merger with Statewide Volunteer Fire Fighters' Retirement Fund, "unfunded prior-service cost" does not include benefits received by retired fire fightersLO95-075
Office of Fire Fighters' Pension Commissioner, authority to charge fee to participating departments in retirement systemGA-0272
One-time payment to annuitants of Teacher Retirement System and Employees Retirement System grants "extra compensation" in violation of sections 44 and 53 of article III, Texas ConstitutionGA-0746
Optional Retirement Program, construction and legality of appropriations act rider decreasing state contribution for certain higher education employeesLO96-133
Pension, Municipal Retirement System must calculate base updated service credit using number of months of credited serviceLO96-121
Proper formula under section 21.402, Education Code, for determining the required contributions by a school district to the Teacher Retirement System for compensation that exceeds the statutory minimumGA-0641
Qualified 403(b) investment products, whether an educational institution violates article 6228a-5, section 9(a)(4)(7) by contracting with a third-party administrator that is affiliated with a company selling is a fact questionGA-0633
Retired teacher may be compensated for service on city councilLO93-041
Retiree who participates in Texas A&M University System group benefit program, but is now an active state employee, is not eligible to also participate in Employees Retirement System group benefits program, but individual may elect to participate either as retiree or as active employeeGA-0677
Retirement fund, board of trustees may not delegate all discretionary authority to investment managerLO92-037
Securities lending program, Employees Retirement System may not operate in-house but may contract with additional custodian to engage inJM-1231
Security lending agreements, trustees of municipal fire fighters retirement fund not authorized to enter into with corporate borrowerJM-1210
Service credit transferred from Teacher Retirement System to Employee Retirement System, TRS responsible for paying portion of early retirement incentiveDM-0275
Service credit, statute prohibiting disabled members of Teacher Retirement System over 60 years of age from curing disability and earning additional credit preempted by federal age discrimination statuteDM-0154
Supplemental optional benefits programs, Employees Retirement System of Texas' duty to designate and regulate programs and approve particular vendorsDM-0193
System in which dispatchers may be enrolledLO98-090
Teacher Retirement System and optional retirement program, constitutionality of different rates of state contribution toLO93-048
Teacher's retirement benefit, calculation of may not include supplement to teacher's regular salary for teaching driver educationDM-0417
Temporary service retirement option for certain state employees whose positions are eliminated because of privatization or other reductions in workforceJC-0027
Texas Local Fire Fighters Retirement Act, city employees who are eligible to participate in a fire fighters retirement system pursuant to the act are not eligible to participate in the Texas Municipal Retirement SystemLO98-090
University optional retirement program for faculty members, authority of governing body to limit number of vendors offering products to program participantsDM-0271
University optional retirement program for faculty members, authority of governing body to structure programDM-0271
Visiting judges, provisions increasing retirement benefits for apply only to persons retiring after effective dateJC-0533
Volunteer fire fighters' pension system, volunteer fire department may not withdraw unless fire department has designated or created a replacement pension planLO96-054
Water district directors may not participate in water district's public retirement system or deferred compensation planJC-0197