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City garbage collection service, exemption from competitive bidding statute for contract with temporary day labor agency to provide day laborers forJC-0281
Fee, Lower Valley Water District may assess to property owners who are able to connect to sewer system, but have refused to do soJC-0278
Garbage collection, school district located within municipality must comply with municipal ordinance onDM-0401
Impact fees for wastewater service, authority of municipality to charge within another municipalityDM-0319
Impact fees, municipality’s authority to grant a credit for a water line project on sewer impact fees GA-0788
Licensed plumbing inspector for political subdivisions must be employee of political subdivision, not independent contractorJC-0382
Municipality may sell its utility system to a river authority by virtue of section 30.035, Water Code without holding an election under subsection 1502.055(a), Government CodeGA-0959
On-site sewage disposal facilities, Natural Resource Conservation Commission has no express or implied statutory authority to issue rules regulating "site evaluators" forJC-0020
On-site sewage facilities, whether municipal authority to regulate is preempted by Natural Resource Conservation CommissionDM-0343
On-site sewage facility installer, county sheriffs and their deputies are subject to the Commission on Environmental Quality's prohibition from working as an installer when the county is the permitting authorityGA-0390
Owner of taxable property, restaurant owner is not a "household user" of water and sewer services, but may be "owner of taxable property" for purposes of section 43.0761 of Local Government Code requiring water district which did not provide services to pJC-0419
Solid waste disposal fees, calculation ofDM-0052
Solid waste disposal services, county authority to provide such services by contract or otherwise to persons in a municipality's extraterritorial jurisdictionGA-0988
Solid waste dumping at unauthorized site, ownership of land or litter not relevant to offense ofLO94-086
Solid-waste collection, home-rule municipality may adopt ordinance requiring residential construction contractor to use franchisee selected by the City for weekly residential and commercialJC-0035
Water control and improvement district authority to regulate weed control and illegal dumpingGA-1011
Revised: June 08, 2012