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You can be a leader at school

Getting involved with school activities can make your high school experience much more enjoyable! You will have the opportunity to meet new friends, learn something new and make a difference in your community.


Joining a club or sports team also looks great on college applications, and it can show employers you are responsible and well-rounded.

So…how do you pick the right one?

First, decide what you are interested in. Extra-curricular activities should be fun, so chose one that involves an activity you truly like. If you are interested in traveling the world, chose a foreign language club. If you love being in front of the camera, take a look at the drama club. If you always wanted to work on Capitol Hill, get involved with student council. If you are tired of shooting hoops alone, join the basketball team.

Second, find out the activities your school offers. Your guidance counselor should have a list of all school-related extra-curricular activities. When you see one you might enjoy, don't be shy! Attend the next meeting to see if you want to get involved, and talk to the current members to get a better idea of what the club offers.

Don't forget, if your school does not offer a club or sport you are interested in, be a leader and start one! Speak to a teacher or counselor about how to get a new activity up and running.

Be a mentor

Mentoring a peer can be a very rewarding way to get involved. Whether you are serving as a science tutor or mentoring a child that just needs a real friend, you can make a real difference in the lives of others.

There are many mentoring organizations across Texas such as Big Brothers, Big Sisters (LINK). In addition, your school or community may offer in-school mentoring programs where you can lend a hand.

Campus Crime Stoppers

Be a leader! Take an active stand against school violence, and join or start a Campus Crime Stoppers program! You can do your part crime stoppers logoto assure the safety of yourself and your classmates.

You and your friends are the eyes and ears of your school. Teachers, safety officers, and principals do not know as much as you do about what's going on. If you know about or suspect something that is against the law, suspicious or unsafe…report it.

Currently, there are hundreds of campus Crime Stoppers programs operating in Texas on large and small campuses. These programs are run by a student board of directors with help from school administration, a faculty sponsor and a law enforcement coordinator. If you are interested in starting a program in your school, click on the Crime Stoppers logo for more information.

Make the grade

Although extra-curricular activities are a great way to sharpen you leadership skills, serving as an academic leader is also important. You may not see how important your grades really are until it is too late!

The Texas “No Pass, No Play” provision prohibits students who are failing courses from participating in sports and other extracurricular activities for a three-week period. Always keep in mind that your grades could keep you off the field.

When applying for college, the admissions' office will also take a good look at your grades when determining whether they offer you admission. Many colleges consider all four years of an applicant's high school career, therefore it is imperative to take your grades seriously from the beginning!

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