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Qualities of leaders

Who are the student leaders in your school? Some may be easy to find. The captains of the football team, the president of the student council or the drum major in the marching band are good examples; but you don't need a title to be a leader!


Many of you possess various leadership qualities; it is your decision to how you will put these qualities to good use!

Integrity. You must be honest to those you lead; it is of the utmost importance that a leader is trustworthy. A good leader is one who leads by example and has a strong sense of "what is right."

Ability to Truly Listen. A good leader should be a part of the team rather than a superior. Listening to others will not only help you understand the members of your group, but the members will absolutely appreciate it. Many members of your group will have wonderful ideas, and it is vital those members know they can talk to you. A group is only as strong as its members!

Ability to Communicate. Willingness to listen to is very important, but clearly communicating your own thoughts and ideas is also crucial. You must effectively communicate to those you lead or the mission of the group can become skewed. Successfully communicating with your group also ensures that every person in fully informed and no one feels left out.

Initiative. A good leader recognizes what needs to be done -- and does it. People who lack initiative often have big ideas, but they don’t turn the ideas into reality. You can make a difference when you take the initiative to turn your big ideas into real projects!

Dependability. A dependable leader allows others to relax because they know the leader will follow through with commitments. Do what you say you are going to do, and others will follow your example. Dependable leaders are always on time, never make excuses and stay on the job until it is done.

Decisiveness. A good leader has the ability to make decisions in a timely manner. Get all of the facts first, and then make up your mind when you have fully weighed each fact and option.

Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is contagious! Leaders serve as a source of inspiration; therefore show your enthusiasm, and others will follow. If you have great pride and excitement about a project you are working on, so will your team. Again, lead by example!

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