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Buying a car

Buying a car can be an exciting step on the path to independence, not to mention an advantage on the job market. It can also be a solid first step in establishing good credit, if you borrow money to pay for your car. (Read about loans.)

Take some smart precautions. First of all, make sure you are BUYING it and not LEASING it. Car AdGet ALL agreements and representations in writing. Make sure all relevant portions of your contract are completely filled out BEFORE you sign the contract.

If you need to finance your new car, please remember that getting your financing through the dealership may not be the best deal for you. Always contact financial lenders directly (i.e., your bank or credit union) and research all the terms of financing to get the best deal for you.

Always get a used car inspected by an independent mechanic (not the one at the dealership) BEFORE you buy.

I bought a used car, and it's a real clunker!

I have three days to cancel the sale, right? WRONG! There is no three-day "cooling off period" when purchasing a car (new or used). You DO NOT have three days to cancel the contract - this is a myth! Once you buy the car it is yours.

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