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Money matters

You have clout. You have new economic power because you are entering the working world as a person who will earn and spend money.

In this section, learn how to establish credit, protect your bank account and shop safely online. We've got tips on getting a scholarship and finding a job. Just don't forget: a lot of people out there would rather TAKE money FROM you than GIVE money TO you. And some of those people are pretty tricky.

MONEY: Make it...

The Internet is alive with amazing job offers and business opportunities. You may already have received some of these solicitations. There are some things you need to know...

$5000 a week, working at home! Sweet!
READ how it works!

Spend it...

Learn how to be a smart shopper, so you get the most out of your hard-earned cash. Learn how to spot phony offers and avoid international Internet fraud rings...

Go Shopping

While they last!

Manage it.

Build and protect your credit. Be safe and savvy when you bank and when you shop. And whatever you do... Don't fall for Scams & Rip-offs!

Money Matters

College Degrees
Loans and Credit
Credit Cards
Shopping Online
Scams & Rip-offs
Buying a Car
Bank accounts
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