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Scams and rip-offs

You did not win a shopping spree. Or a sweepstakes. Or a cruise or a foreign lottery. The dreary fact is, NOBODY is giving away big prizes. They are, however, accepting cash - yours. DON'T GET SCAMMED. Learn to recognize the top scams aimed at teens. They are:

College Degree Ad The ad says, "Earn a college degree at home! No tests! No grades!" The scam is a diploma mill, and the degree is worthless. Read more...


Jobs Ad Who wouldn't want to "Earn $5000/week!" at home? That's more than $250,000 a year. Do you really think so? Read more...


Warning Ad Uh oh: "Warning! Fraud alert: Verify your banking information immediately to prevent loss..." Warning! Fraud alert: ignore this kind of email. It's an attempt to steal your identity and ruin your credit. Read more...


Bad Credit Ad

"Bad credit? No problem! Click for Guaranteed Low Interest Loans." Big problem. There is no such thing as easy money with low interest for people with bad credit. Don't fall for a loan scam. Read more...


Jobs Ad


"Drive home in a new car, today!" Okay, but know what you're doing. Get a good deal. Read more...




Credi Cards Ad"Pre-approved Credit Card! $5000 limit! 0.0% APR six months FREE!!" Proceed with caution. Make sure you understand the membership agreement terms and beware of the quicksand that is credit card debt. Read more...


Jobs AdLaptop and printer for only $39.99! Really? How likely is that? Learn to shop safely online. Read more...


Warning Ad

"Win a Scholarship!!" But don't get ripped off by a scholarship scam. Learn how to tell the difference. Read more...


If somebody promises to give you money or free stuff, they are probably setting you up to rip you off. Don't fall for unsolicited email offers (it's SPAM and it's not for real).


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