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Need financial aid? Contact your school guidance counselor or the college or university you would like to attend. Or visit


You can also look into the US Department of Education SMART Grants for students.

But WATCH OUT for scholarship scams. No legitimate company would promise or guarantee that they can get anyone a scholarship. Warning AdRead more about this and other kinds of scams, and how to avoid them, on the Federal Trade Commission's website at

Look out for phony government grants, too. You can read our consumer alert about the Phony Grant Scam. You won't get a grant without applying to a government agency, and they will not charge you a fee up front. No fees! Scammers charge fees.

True teen Stories
Francisco G., 19, Dallas, Texas. Francisco thought he was going to be attending UT... Read Francisco's story

How can you tell it's a scam?

Be skeptical if:

  • A company promises or guarantees that they will find you money for college.
  • You receive unsolicited news that you have been selected for a scholarship.
  • You are told you can't get their information anywhere else.
  • They need your credit card or bank account number to hold this scholarship.
  • They announce that money has been reserved for you.
  • They claim that they do all the work.


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