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Few things are more important to your happiness than the health and soundness of your relationships with your parents, teachers, friends, classmates, teammates, coworkers, employer, boyfriend, girlfriend, and (eventually for most of you) your husband or wife.

Some of you may develop romantic relationships during your teens. These may be casual dating relationships. A few may develop more serious romantic relationships. Whatever you do, be true to yourself. You shouldn't feel pressure to rush into a relationship you're not ready for. RelationshipsYour relationships will be healthier and more satisfying in the long run if you take time to find out who you are first.

Self-awareness, self-confidence, and feeling good about yourself are the foundation of good relationships. These qualities take time to develop. Meanwhile, in relationships of all kinds, including friendships, families and working relationships, you can develop and practice the skills that will someday help you build a healthy romantic relationship.


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