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Do you need help with issues like bullying, problems at home? Have you gotten into a relationship you think might be abusive?

What are you looking for? Whether you are writing a report for school or looking for ways to make your school safer, a wealth of helpful information is waiting for you:

Writing a report?

Here are some ideas for papers and resources for writing them:

Graffiti as Art. Compare and contrast the crime of graffiti to murals done with the permission of city officials for beautification. How are they similar and different? Read our graffiti and property crime pages.

Juvenile Justice HandbookA Second Chance. The juvenile justice system is designed to give young offenders a chance to straighten out and recover from their early mistakes. Explain how this works. The Attorney General's Juvenile Justice Handbook (left) is a good source of information.

Nigerian Scams and Counterfeit Checks. How does the Nigerian scam work? How are cashier's checks used as a variation? What are the red flags that signal this kind of Internet fraud? You can read about it on the Attorney General's Consumer Alerts page and on the Federal Trade Commission website.

Identity Theft. What is identity theft? How can it happen, how can it be prevented? Explore the ways that ID theft can be a threat by phone, by mail, and online. Look at the Bank Accounts page of this website for more information.

Predatory lending. What are some of the ways that rogue money lenders victimize people with no credit or bad credit? What are some of the red flags for would-be borrowers? Check out the loans and credit page of this website.

Did You Know?Advance fee loans are illegal. A lender cannot charge you a fee up front before funding a loan. There are a number of tell-tale signs of loan scams, such a "guarantee" of a low-interest loan even if your credit is bad, but the advance fee is a dead giveaway. Read more on the FTC website.

The Parenthood Decision. Why do teens choose to become parents? What are some of the costs? Weigh the pros and cons for parenthood now or later. You can find information in the relationships section of this website.

Healthy Dating, Healthy Marriage. What are some of the characteristics of a healthy relationship? Compare and contrast healthy dating and healthy marriage. What are some of the signs or issues that a relationship is in serious trouble, and how are they best dealt with? See the Relationships section of this website.

To Be or Not To Be a Legal Father. What is paternity? Define legal, biological, presumed and alleged fatherhood and discuss how these concepts apply to children born to unmarried couples. What is paternity establishment? Why would a biological father seek to establish paternity? See the Relationships section, Benefits of Legal Fatherhood page, of this website and the Paternity Establishment page of the main AG website.



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