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Are you a victim of crime?

Victims of violent crime may be eligible for Crime Victims' Compensation. Texas courts collect court costs from convicted offenders and keep them in a special fund which is administered by the Office of the Attorney General.


The Texas Crime Victims' Compensation Fund helps victims and their families when they have no other means of paying for the financial cost of crime. The money in the Fund comes from people who break the law. Read how to apply on the Attorney General's Crime Victim Services Pages.

The Fund can help pay expenses related to being a victim of a violent crime, such as hospital charges, counseling, child care, lost wages, crime scene clean-up and burial costs.

Every law enforcement agency in Texas is required to provide victims of violent crime with information about the Crime Victims' Compensation program and an application. Applications are also available from prosecutors' offices. Their victim assistance coordinators are required to provide assistance to victims who ask for help filling out the form. Hospitals and medical centers may also have applications.

You can also get an application directly from the Crime Victims' Compensation Program by calling (800) 983-9933. You can read more about the program in the Crime Victim Services section of this website.


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