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Human Resources Division, Staff Development Section
Employee Development Announcements
August 19, 2018 to August 25, 2018

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Conducting Successful Meetings
02:15 PM to 03:30 PM
Tuesday, August 21st

We all carry the battle scars of past meetings that were unproductive, arrived at no solutions, and catered only to the most dominating voices in the room. But a well-planned meeting, involving the right people and the right purpose, can drive your team toward new achievements and can even be enjoyable. Make the most of everyone’s time by designing a meeting that solicits engagement, action, and personal accountability from each participant. Objectives include:

Setting up a time, place, and agenda

Running the meeting

Following through on what was discussed

Handling difficult meeting members

Prefix EAP-MEETIN , Course # 18-0001

Excel Essential Features
09:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Wednesday, August 22nd

This class is an introduction to Excel 2013. Attendees will learn how to navigate comfortably through a spreadsheet and how to select, move, and format data. The class will also provide instruction on how to use many of Excel's powerful features such as sorting and filtering, formulas and functions, and graphing. The class will also provide tips for printing Excel worksheets effectively and show how to import data into Excel.

Prefix Exc13EF , Course # 15-0012