When a parent doesn't pay child support, there can be many consequences for both parent and child.

The Child Loses Support

Children do best when they receive the emotional and financial support of both parents. When children do not receive consistent support, it can affect their quality of life.

The Office of the Attorney General Enforces the Order

When child support payments aren't made, the Office of the Attorney General can take many actions to enforce the court order. These can include court action, license suspension, credit reporting, passport denial and more.

License Suspension

The OAG works with over 60 licensing agencies and can request that these agencies suspend your drivers, professional and hunting and fishing licenses, if you fail to pay your child support.

Passport Denial

The OAG can deny a noncustodial parent a new or renewed passport.


The OAG can file a lien on properties, bank accounts, retirement plans, life insurance plans, personal injury claims, insurance settlements or awards, and other assets if a noncustodial parent fails to pay their child support.