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Con­sumer Protection

We protect Texas consumers by accepting complaints, filing civil cases in the public interest and educating Texans on how to spot and avoid possible scams.

Beware of Credit Card Skimmers

Check for tampering at the gas pump when you fill up for your summer road trip.

More About Skimmers

Don’t Get “Skimmed”

As we start to plan summer road trips, watch out for card skimmers at the gas stations you visit that can steal your credit card data.

Check for tampering and note if any security seals are damaged.

Does the card reader look different than others at that station?

Credit cards and lock

Spot & Avoid Scams

Scammers often use the same techniques again and again. Learn the signs of a potential scam so you can avoid becoming a victim.

Mailboxes filled with junk mail


Spam or unsolicited communications comes in many forms — email, phone, mail, etc. But there are ways you can reduce spam communications.

An elderly woman giving her credit card information to a scammer on the phone

Protect the Elderly

Texas seniors are a prime target for abuse, neglect, and financial scams. If you want to learn more, or a loved one has fallen victim, there's information available.

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