A standard possession order may include instructions to help parents navigate pickup and drop-off times and location.

Pickup and Drop-off location

Noncustodial parents must chose their parenting time scheduling options before or at the time the possession order is entered by the court. The selection of a schedule option along with the distance between the parties will decide the pickup and drop-off location. (TFC § 153.317(b))

The parenting time schedule in a standard possession order often provides the noncustodial parent with two options to choose from at the time the order is being completed unless the court finds a selection is not in the best interest of the child. Generally, the noncustodial parent must pick up and drop off the child at the other parent’s residence unless a different location is designated in the court order or agreed upon by the parties. However, if the noncustodial parent chooses a schedule with possession of the child beginning or ending at the time school is dismissed, then pickup and drop-off occurs at the school in which the child is enrolled.  (TFC § 153.316; 153.3101).

What if I can’t pick-up or drop off my child?

Here are some of the laws that help parents navigate questions about pickup and drop-off:

  • Parents can designate a competent adult to pick up or drop off their child. (TFC § 153.316(6))
  • If you are unable to pick up your child during your parenting time, you must notify the other parent. (TFC § 153.316(7))
  • If your child is unable to return to school, the parent who has the child must immediately notify the school and the other parent. (TFC § 153.316(9))

If you have a standard possession order, then you and the other parent may agree to different parenting times. (TFC § 153.311)