Parent Locator Services may be available to individuals who are not receiving full child support services, but request help in locating a parent.


The Parent Locator Service obtains the latest available address and employment information about a missing parent from state and federal records and forwards that information to the person who applied for locate services.

These services may be requested only for the purpose of:

  • establishing a court order for paternity, child support, or medical support;
  • collecting court-ordered support; or
  • enforcing custody or visitation.


Who May Use Locate-Only Services

You may apply for State Parent Locator Service if you are:

  • the custodial parent with physical possession of the child(ren);
  • a person (other than a parent) who, for at least the past six months, has had physical possession of the child(ren);
  • the legal guardian or managing conservator with legal custody of the child(ren);
  • a judge or agency of a court with jurisdiction over the paternity and/or support case;
  • a court with jurisdiction to enforce custody or visitation; or
  • the attorney of the child(ren) for whom paternity and/or support is sought.


How To Apply for Locate-Only services

You can apply using the Locate-Only application - English    Spanish.

Once you have completed the application, please send it to:

Office of the Attorney General

Child Support Division - MC 040

State Parent Locate Service

P.O. Box 12017

Austin, TX 78711-2017


Do you need full child support services?

For information about applying for full child support services, please visit the How to Apply for Child Support page.