Types of CSD Careers

Assistant Attorney General (Statewide)

Attorneys represent the state’s interest in judicial and administrative child support matters. They review and approve legal pleadings, conduct hearings at child support court and provide program staff with legal and technical assistance.

Child Support Officer (Statewide)

Child Support Officers negotiate child support orders, conduct detailed investigations to enforce child support obligations, respond to customer inquiries and attend court.

Child Support Technician (Statewide)

Child Support Technicians help prepare cases for court, coordinate paternity testing for customers, respond to telephone inquiries, open and sort mail, prepare and monitor reports and verify identifying information.

Customer Service Center Representative (Statewide)

Customer Service Representatives respond to telephone inquiries regarding child support case processing and status updates. They use their knowledge of agency policy and procedures and case-specific information to provide customers with accurate and timely information.

Administrative Operations (Austin)

Administrative Operations provides critical support to the agency through project management, technical business reporting, training, physical infrastructure, and workplace safety and customer service improvement.

Contract Operations (Austin)

Contract Operations uses proven and innovative contracting, purchasing, and business practices to provide child support customers with goods and timely, accurate services of the highest quality, while continuing to be vigilant stewards of taxpayer dollars.

Information Technology Services (Austin)

IT Services provides customer-centered, timely, cost-effective, secure, accessible and high quality automated systems, equipment, and communication networks. They also focus on implementing innovative strategies and solutions and maturing division operations through continuous improvement and strategic governance.

Policy, Legal, and Program Operations (Austin)

PLPO oversees the implementation of federal and state statutes, regulations, and policies, drafts agency contracts, handles complex appellate cases and coordinates responses to open records requests.

Field Support (Austin)

Field Operations provides central administration, oversight, and services to support ten program service regions across Texas. They also manage the development and implementation of field-based division initiatives.

Program Innovation (Austin)

Program Innovation develops and evaluates innovative projects and disseminates best practices that enhance the division's ability to collaboratively and effectively respond to the needs of customers and families.