Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I file my complaint?

You will receive an automated email acknowledging your complaint and assigning it a complaint number. Please save this email, as you may need that complaint number for future communications with the OAG. That email will be sent from an unattended email box, so please do not reply to it. 

Your complaint will be reviewed for informational purposes, helping our office monitor business practices in the State of Texas. Our office will contact you only if more information is needed. 

If you filed your complaint online, an email will be sent to you immediately after you submit your complaint.  

If you mailed in your complaint and included your email address, an email will be sent to you after the OAG receives and processes your complaint. 

I received an email assigning a number to my complaint.  What does that number indicate?

The number assigned to your complaint is strictly for reference. It does not indicate that any determination has been made regarding the merits of the complaint and does not reflect that the OAG has a case or investigation pending. 

Unless further information is needed, you may not hear from our office again regarding your complaint. Your complaint will be reviewed and kept for informational purposes, helping our office identify consumer protection issues throughout the State of Texas.

Why is my complaint public?

Your complaint is subject to the Texas Open Records Act. Complaints and related information filed with the Consumer Protection Division are records generally open to the public under that law. This means that any member of the public may file an open records request and obtain a copy of your complaint and any attachments.

What if I need for the OAG to provide some guidance and tell me what to do in my situation?

The Office of the Texas Attorney General (OAG) is prohibited by law from serving as your personal attorney or providing legal advice or interpretations of the law to individuals. OAG staff cannot advise you regarding what action(s) you should take in relation to your complaint. 

The only lawsuits which the OAG may file are on behalf of the State of Texas and in the public interest. Review examples of these lawsuits.

The OAG also provides general information to educate Texans on common scams and how to avoid them.

Will my complaint be mediated by the OAG or resolved?

The OAG may contact the business that you complained about in order to obtain additional information about your complaint. This may or may not lead to a resolution of your individual complaint.

Will the OAG tell me if my complaint becomes a part of an investigation or lawsuit?

If the Texas Attorney General’s Office considers your complaint to be evidence in an investigation or a lawsuit, you may be contacted by an OAG investigator or attorney, who may ask you for additional information.

What if I’m not sure which type of complaint form to use for my complaint, or file using the wrong form?

The most important thing is to file your complaint. If you use the wrong form, you may be contacted for additional information related to the complaint you filed. OAG staff may also ask you to complete the correct complaint form.

Why was my complaint shared with or forwarded to another agency?

Various state agencies have regulatory responsibility over specific types of businesses. If your complaint relates to one of those businesses, the OAG will forward your complaint to their attention. Your complaint, however, is reviewed and logged into the OAG’s system as well. Here are some examples of these state agencies and their subject matter:

  • Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation – TDLR oversees a broad range of occupations and businesses including air conditioning/refrigeration contractors, electricians, mobile home installers, motor fuel metering and quality, and various other services
  • Texas Department of Insurance – TDI regulates insurers and other companies that conduct insurance business in Texas and assists Texas-based insurance consumers.
  • Texas Department of Motor Vehicles – TDMV handles vehicle registration and titling and authorizes operating authorities of motor carriers.
  • Texas Medical Board – The TMB regulates and licenses health care practitioners such as physicians, physician assistants, surgical assistants, and acupuncturists.
  • Texas Workforce Commission – TWC’s responsibilities include oversight of the Career Schools and Colleges program, making sure they are licensed and that unlicensed schools follow the rules. Additionally, the TWC oversees and provides workforce development services to employers and job seekers in Texas.

Do I use the General Complaint form to file a Sanctuary / SB 4 complaint or Handgun License Holder Exclusion complaint?

No. Instead, please go to one of the other OAG complaint portals which you can find here: 

Sanctuary Complaints

Exclusion Handgun License Holder Complaints

What do I do if I lose my complaint number?

Please be sure to review your email box and search for the email subject, “Consumer Complaint Portal – Texas Attorney General”. You may also search for the unmonitored email address of [email protected]. Please check your spam and junk email folders if you do not see a notification in your inbox.

What do I do if I lose my complaint and want to obtain a copy?

You will need to file an open records request to obtain a copy of your complaint. Read about the Texas Public Information Act and request a copy of your complaint.

If I want to submit my complaint in writing, where do I obtain a complaint form?

You may obtain the General Complaint form by calling Constituent Affairs at 1-800-621-0508 and requesting that they mail you a complaint form that you can fill out and return by mail.

You may also download and print a General Complaint form here:

Printable General Complaint form – English

Printable General Complaint form – Spanish

Privacy and charitable complaint forms must be completed online.

What is the mailing address for the Office of the Attorney General?

Mail your complaint and COPIES of any supporting documents (do not send originals) to:

Office of the Attorney General
Attn: Consumer Protection Division
PO Box 12548
Austin, TX 78711-2548